Custom clearance

When i was coming back from USA, i checked my bag was 2kg more. I thought leave it if not allowed then i ll remove at airport. I already gave intention to VK pls pass my luggage i want all , nothing to leave here. N VK did it. My luggage passed.
After that i gave intention that please see at Mumbai also everything would be smooth n i ll be out fast. N at Mumbai airport i was standing in green channel line, very big que. Sudden one guard came n told mam come go from this national arrival passengers. N he allowed me to go from there. So within 5mins i was out. Before boarding from usa i requested VK pls keep my journey safe n smooth. So i m blessed. Thanks VK, Sharat sir n whole vk team.


  • @Sujata ji


    Reading your experience i felt that initially you were ok to give away the extra luggage at USA and Mumbai airport. But then you trusted VK at both airports and things were so easy and smooth transit.

    Thank you for sharing your VK experiences.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts
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