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Waheguru Golden Sunrise

Should we chant

Waheguru Golden Sunrise


Golden Sunrise Waheguru


  • @Manmit ji
    Please follow your inner guidance.
  • Chanting this and Giving Energy from VK has brought many positive changes in me.

  • @Manmit
    Please share some details of changes with GOLDEN SUNRISE WAHEGURU chanting with VK and what experiences.
    It will inspire many
  • Please keep the VK on the heart and chant the GS Waheguru.. Consistency is important.
    Whenever i am not able to do the chanting i give energy to myself from VK for GS-Waheguru

    Changes i have observed in myself.

    1. I am more calmer
    2. I worry less.
    3. Most of the things happen automatically.

    these are the changes i have observed.

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