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My hair quality was too bad. They became thin, rough, n absolutely damaged. I tired. But I m taking regularly serums with VK. Then tired but helpless. I went USA. All advised do something to ur hair before going. But Wht to do that no one knows. N then in USA I visited my cousin's place who having her parlour. I told her n I gave intention to VK that pls she do some to my hair n ll work. N she treat my hair. N I always giving my hair energy of keratin with VK that time I m not aware also properly. N my cousin did keratin too. So beauty serum worked. Now I m very setisfied with my hair. Thanks VK, Sharat sir n VK team. Thanks a ton.


  • Wow amazing
    Thankyou @Sujata ji for Sharing one more wonderful experience.
    Gratitude to @SharatSir for VK changing our lives.
    Please keep sharing your happiness to encourage all VK users :blush:
  • @Sujata ji


    Thank you for sharing your experiences and ideas

  • Hi everyone! Wanted to thank Sharat Sir for his positive support, VK, VS and his entire team. I wanted to share my experience of VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE with everyone. At the onset of this New Year I started my year by requesting VK FOR GOLDEN SUNRISE DIVINE MAGIC BEGIN NOW
    And I should tell you friends it created wonders for me even in little little things. And if there was an obstacle in my my it is giving me a positive attitude towards my goal and later something better is happening which is beyond my imagination.
    Thank you and GOLDEN SUNRISE to everyone. Do have a blessed year ahead.
  • @Deepikaagarwal

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us.

    Request you to share new experiences as a new post. Go to on ASK A QUESTION. Write your post and post it. Every success is a motivation for many.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your sharing.
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