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Nine ways to transform our karma

Respected Teachers,

Sharat sir had mentioned about nine ways to transform our karma in the article: Can you please elaborate on this and ways to transform the karmic energy. Also please share the article if already available in


  • Dear @girichander,

    Pardon for delayed reply. It generally happens when I am on tours, but this time I was cut off from the site due to some malfunction (maybe in my laptop).

    Yours is an interesting FAQ. You see, a lot of people have been worrying too much about karma, especially bad karma, I wonder.....why?? Whenever there is a diverging ways or merging ways, our confidence mellows and we try to go back and search for previous footprints. We would even try going in past regression sessions and try to scratch all our suspected wounds to find which one is aching. My question is, can these past footprints could be erased?? Can a Destiny awarded by the Divine be altered??

    In his article, Sharat Sir has raised the same questions. I am really inquisitive, how many have fathomed the depth of Sharat Sir 's view. Yes, it can be altered through VK, but with the permission and will of the Divine. Divine provides us ways, in case a certain misfortune could be altered. VK is one of such way. That is the reason, we say VK chooses its bearer and he/she is the chosen one.

    Anyways, Karma is a never ending topic, with infinite options, but our priority is your question. Sir has mentioned 9 permutation & combination of alteration in effects of karma. If you would like to see it by my perspective, I will recommend to view a graph. Mostly, people perceive a graph having 2 Axis, going left to right which is called the X-axis and the other going up from the origin 0, which is called the Y-axis. But I would draw your attention to the Axis of the graph which goes towards left from the origin (-x Axis) and the line going downwards from 0, called the (-) Y Axis. Here lies the story of karma. Actions taken deliberately or in-deliberately, especially in our past are stored in this section. Now let's pointofy this graph and draw a graph-line. As per graphical illustration, our positive karma enhances our position, and Negative deeds reduces it. The net result is one's current status. So if I am currently positioned at (-) 20, I need to acquire a zero position and then proceed towards positive numbers. Please note, all of us want positive results in our life, irrespective of what bad we might have done, and get disappointed if we find nothing likewise is happening. We miss on the fact that changes are happening every moment, but since many a time, we are at a minus position and no development would be seen till we reach zero, we do not observe a positive development. This is where we get frustrated.

    VK is a converting device which wipes our negativity and pumps in positiveness. But still individual efforts are required. That is why Sir advised to perform positive karma in our present. Our present is the avenue where we can really put in our efforts. While the energies of VK may work on the past, reducing our minus points, each positive steps taken by us ensures continued up-gradation. In this way we add to the plus side and energy thus produced shall enable us to get a credit balance in our ledger of karma. Inversely our negative performance shall push into our minus side and positive efforts by Energies of VK may go wasted. This what is meant in the 7 combinations of karma.

    Besides, there are 2 possibilities of ascended karma blessed by VK. Ascended Karma are the karma surrendered to the divine, which does not give an interactive result. Its a complete Full-stop Karma. As per the process of rebirth, we take birth to reap the results of Karma - positive or negative. But Ascended karma are surrendered and merged with the divine. For they merge, it never has a consequence but added into our account. This leads us to Moksha.

    Please wait for a detailed article on Karma - action and reaction, coming soon.
  • Wow :love:
    Sir the wait for your answer is always so fruitful
    Every word with exames and detail explanation is a blessing to read.
    Thankyou Sir :thankyou
    I am waiting for the detailed article.
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher sir, Thank you for your detailed explanation. My intention for this quest was to lead me unto moksha... Every karma has to be nullify irrespective of positive or negative, however this has to be transcended to get liberated. As @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher ji mentioned, it's my pleasure waiting for your response and also awaiting for the detailed article. Many thanks and humble gratitude to Sharat sir for bringing us together for such in-depth knowledge sharing.
  • @girichander ji,
    Thankyou for the wonderful discussion.
    Sir moksha is detachment from desires, compairing, materials, false ego, and thats of ravana inside.
    Moksha, Mukti, Nirvana, Meditation are some of the biggest misleaded words. These are not actions or a work which we can do or perform.
    These couldn't be described in words or explained with a definitions, these are the State of Being beyond mind/physical and this is the Art of Living.
    The Life of Budhha, krishna, Guru nanak ji could explain a little face of the divinity of Moksha. These divine beings were the enlightened souls and moved to higher dimensions of energy.
    The world me you seen unseen known unknown said unsaid all together is the Divine Consciousness of GOD.
    Everything emerged from the GOD (brahma), live in GOD (vishnu) and merge into the GOD (shiva) is the holy trinity.
    We have to enjoy the role given to our consciousness through Supreme in earthly dimensions or other realms of consciousness and higher dimensions of GOD himself.

    Only we can do be Observing state of mind and our consciousness, and this further lead to Zero mind of calculation, comparing, judgemental Thoughts.

    Feel the Life Sir we are always at Moksha and Mukt state.
    BE OBSERVER :heart:
  • @girichander Sir
    I want to share this wonderful discussion and answers by @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sirji..
    Please read this How VK is helpful life after life
  • @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher ji wonderful thought, it's seriously enlightening thought... I will start to be more conscious of my thoughts and action which should help to raise my vibration.
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