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VK TIP 91 Just to stay in connected VK, I am following below method. Does this help ? SERUM PASSWORD

edited September 2018 in VK TIPS

Hi Team
This could be a strange question for you. My Job is computer based and I spend nearly 10 to 12 hours in front of my laptop.
Just to stay in connected with VK , I am wearing in my hand and setting my laptop password as any serum based on my requirement Example: G0lden $unrise ( o is replaced with zero and S is replaced with $ just to meet the password criteria)
Does this method help in our day to day activity?
Thanks and Regards
Chetan Shirol


  • @chetan_shirol


    Yes it will help as intention is energy and if VK is aligned to you

    Good idea

  • @chetan_shirol


    This is thinking out of the box to use VK. Converting this post to VK TIP 91.

    Thank you. Keep sharing your creative ways of using VK and motivate all of us here.

  • Thank you Rakhiji for recognising this. It boosted my confidence to use VK more effectively and easily
  • @chetan_shirol ji thankyou for sharing your fantastic idea.
    I love your efforts to use Divine VK in busy office timings.
    Golden Sunrise to all your efforts. Much appreciated.
    Please keep sharing your ideas and experiences to motivate all.
  • Thank you Puneet. Since I am wearing the VK always in my hand, it is just a matter of requesting the VK. Hence I started thinking what are the ways, I can be connected VK every movement based by intention or requirement. Now I got the solution by setting the Serum name as password.
    But now I am thinking how to keep VK activated with all 8 hours while sleeping. Thinking by charging Bed Pillow and blanket with specific serum ,will that be beneficial whole night?
    Ideally this would be separate question but since it categorized as VK Tip 91, I put the question to stay in connected with VK over the night.

    Please let me know if you have any better and easy ways.

    NOTE: My goal is to stay in connected with VK for 24 hours of every day.

  • @chetan_shirol


    Great to know that you feel connected with VK.

    When you charge pillow or blanket....they become the medium of the person who uses these charged pillow or blankets....will draw energy from these charged things.

    Depending upon the need the energy will be consumed by receiver. At one stage the energy may get consumed. And these things would need recharge.

    The time of recharging can be done by inner guidance or follow it daily.

    Now while you are sleeping everyday say 6 to 8 hours....and you wear VK ....its still working for you.

    I think somewhere you have this thought that you need to request for it to you should utilise it 24 hrs with request.

    #Please remember when you are sleeping....your body organs are still functioning , your subcocious mind is also active , there is still an aura around you , you have your energy chakras in your body ....VK is working on all these while you are sleeping. You get replinished with energy while you are not requesting a specific thought.

    Will post another tip what you can do just before sleeping with VK to have some other benefits....please wait.
  • Thanks for the details. I will wait for your next post on "How to request VK before going to sleep "?

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