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pitru paksha

what to do on pitru paksha i have checked your sites i could n find anything


  • @Pkd12121


    About has so many possibilities...infinite possibilities

    VK ways are posted on litairian website, on this forum and on facebook page CITIZEN OF LIGHT and Fb page LITAIRIAN and Sharat Sirs whatsapp broadcast.

    Last year Tip on Pitra Paksha was posted on Facebook Page CITIZEN OF LIGHT and Sharat Sirs broadcast.

    Pitra Paksha starts after 15 again it will be reposted ....please wait for that post . We will post on this forum too.

    Now it Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.....enjoy these days with Lord Ganesha' s blessings.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to you.
  • Thank You Mam
    i just searched on forum now got idea to search on more sites.
    thank you very much i was little worried because my father day is 2nd
    one thing mam my mother died more than 30 years and i dont remember the date and i feel very guilty what should i do

  • @Pkd12121
    Please wait for the Surprise Gift of VK-tip on Pitra paksh.
    :star: Pitra paksh is also called as "Shraadh श्राद्ध means shradha श्रद्धा (homage, obeisance).
    So there is no matter of guilt or fear whatever is preached in the society.

    You can always pay homage to your beloved mother soul.
    During pitra paksh you can pay homage to any known unknown souls whose demise date is unkown on the last day of "Amavasya" "New moon."
  • @Pkd12121


    We undestand your emotions for your parents. Thanks for expressing.

    As a VK user....if you feel guilt , do this process.

    Sit in one place or lie down comfortably , hold VK and say VK Please release all the Guilt and its offspring feelings . Say this 3 times or more times if you feel so. After this request VK to fill the space with GOLDEN SUNRISE.

    So here you release negative emotions ad fill it with GOLDEN SUNRISE in those spaces.

    Will post the tip on Pitru paksh in this weekend.

  • Thank you Punit je and Rakhi mam
    Thank you very much ,you dont know how much relief I have got
    Feeling just like all is done

  • Thanks for your thanks
    Gratitudes to @SharatSir Divine and VK :innocent:
  • Dear @Pkd12121,

    Although your quarry has been well replied. I would like to supplement my opinion on this issue, just because you mentioned a twinge of guilt for not remembering date when your mother departed.

    Our learned people has advised this period of 15 days for Pitr Paksha to pay our homage to our ancestors. They have recommended various Dos & Don'ts for performing Shraadh. There are rituals, processes, austerity and charity. But the prime idea of Shraadh is given just 3 posts above by Puneet ji - Shraddha (well said Puneet ji). If you have reverence or obeisance towards your ancestors, then time, day, month & year does not matter. You do not need to wait for a crow to accept the food or a brahmin to become bridge between the two dimensions.

    Despite, there is a provision of offering your homage on the day of Amavasya, for the souls whose date of departure is not known, still if your bhava (emotion) is there, you may offer it to the departed any day. Take it from me, the soul would be very happy. Please do not have any kind of guilt for not knowing the date, I guarantee most of the people do not even know names of their forefathers including me (I know their names till 3 levels before my grandfather).

    At this juncture, I wish to share something very personal with all. People wait for Pitr Paksha days to come so that they may offer their obeisances........I do it everyday throughout the year. I may sound crazy but with VK with me I do it every day. Let me tell you how. Every morning after my prayers, when I water Tulasi plant at my home, I stand beside it, putting both of my hands together in a cup shape, imagine a holy Peepal tree and offer my reverence towards my forefathers, then feel as if my hands are filled with pure Ganga jal with some black Sesame & Tulasi leaves floating. With all my intentions concentrated, I offer this water (in imagination) filled in my hands to the base of Peepal tree that I am imagining and pray to the divine to give peace to my forefather's souls and merge it to HIS enlightened energy.

    Hope I am clear in my opinion and that you will not have any guilt in your mind anymore.

  • Gratitudes @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sirji for beautifying this discussion with Divine words. :innocent:
    :heart: Sir i love your experience with VK and intention by only imagination.
    Feeling so much positive vibbes by only reading your offerings and devotional ways Sir.
    Love you Sir.
    Thankyou so much Sir I will also be doing this now with VK.
    Sir please i love to hear my name by "puneet" only.
  • :thankyou Puneet, for your lovely :thankyou

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