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Is there any way a person can be able to see spiritswithout meditation?

Using VK to be able to see spirits and sense energies.


  • @dipankr98


    Abllity to See spirits can be due to a persons phychic abilities.

    Some people dont see but feel presence of spirits again due to their sensory and psychic abilities.

    Just wearing VK also improve psychic abilities including intuition and sensing energies.

    The abilities may differ in intensity from person to person. Some people are blessed by birth , some acquire it through their spiritual journey.

    One can pray to Divine VK for such abilities ....if the person is deserving .....VK will help to deliver it.

    Also remember acquiring such abilities is one thing....being able to manage or use it... is also important. One should be able to channel these abilities in the right or appropriate way.
  • @dipankr98

    Read point no 20 in BALANCE SERUM
  • Thanks.. so with a direct request one can sharpen/attain his psychic abilities?
  • Okay..thanks
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