VK baby works like my genie

I have many wonderful experience with VK. Today morning my dad was coming to drop me to station but he lost the keys somewhere on the compound. I chanted VK reach activa keys and within two min we got it.
Whenever i need a rickshaw i just request VK to send one. It appears from somewhere.
When travelling to Thane twice. There was no bus. So i requested VK to send a sharing CAB. Within minutes ot was there
I request VK everyday that i need to catch sso n so train. N somehow i reach on time. So the train is late by some minutes. Happen most times.just once it dint materialize.
Once i was craving FOR 'Nachos'food. VK listen to me n next day i went to my sis place. That tome she took me out fr dinner n i had my fav dish Nachos. ???? ???? ????
One day my mobile got switched off rite from morning. I requested vk alot but fir bhi kuch nai hua. I gave psychic surgery thrice. Fir bhi nai hua. Then i started telling VK that rite from morning m having a bad day. I misd my train. I reachd ofce late. N then this cellphone. Shoebite. Please do something. Then all of a sudden my cell got on as i pressed the button. Thank god i dint had to go to service centre. N i diagnosed the reason fr drainage of batery too same day. Nw my cel is working fine. Battery also proper.
VK gives me signals everytime i ask for.
I try healing ppl from my end which i wasnt able to do much earlier.
Trust VK. The more u align the better results u get


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