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Yawning in meditation


Daily i do meditation at 6.30 p.m in the evenings.
Today evening i felt some tingling sensation on my head, when i noticed the time it was 6.33 ,so i sat for meditation after requesting my VK for deeper possible meditative trance...i felt some force on my head......
After some time yawns started, today i yawned somewhat less but it was more daily....

I searched for this doubt why do we yawn... in net, some answers were like this....
If you are tired u will do the meditation in morning...
If your body is not postured correctly, we yawn during meditation.....

I want to know the correct answer because....yawning is not my todays experience , from some years , i am yawning during meditation........

Thank you so much .


  • @Madhursr

    Have you done meditation in morning anytime after a good sleep..... when mind and body is fresh?
  • Yes madam...whenever i do meditation ....yawns come to me...
  • Glad to see I'm not alone to yawn during deep trance... firstly meditation is a state of being and not something like any action. Once I was doing 1008 times chanting of Shreem Brzee for 21 days, during 5th or 6th day while I was chanting somewhere around 500 I started to yawn and slowly as I was chanting my eyes literally getting closed and it was evening time around 6 only. I'm fully aware but still deep trance inside me. Based on personal experience, Yawning happens to relax all the tension muscles and also mind to experience deep trance. One way to make body also aware is by doing few rounds of nadi shuddi which energizes the body to handle deep trance.
  • Dear @Madhursr, Golden SunRise,

    Yawning during meditation is very common, you need not worry about it or do not try to find a complex reason for it. Please understand, scientifically yawning occurs to balance the supply of oxygen in oneself. It generally happens when a body is tired due to fatigue mentally/physically or a working body is made to rest.

    There is a minute difference between the two situations - Trance (Tandra) & Sleep (Nidra). While Nidra (sleep) is near to an unconscious situation, Tandra (Trance) is nearly Sleeping situation. In this position, several functions of the body are put to rest. Functions like sight, audition, olfaction (smelling), thoughts etc are at their minimal and gradually mandatory functions like heart beats & respiration goes down. Now being at this situation of rest, may induce yawning depending upon body to body.

    In my opinion, it is in no case connected to your being fresh or tired. In fact, Sharat Sir, recommends that a deep meditation could be done better when a body is tired. Please go-ahead with your practice. May God bless.

  • Thank you so much sir... .
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher : Thank you sir for in-depth information.

  • :thankyou for your :thankyou @girichander

    Feels good if I was of some help.

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