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I need your help re this...Uneasy feeling after SHIVYOG SIDDHA HEALING

Golden sunrise sir/mam
Last week i had joined Shivyog siddha healing 3 day course.On the 2nd day it was a session of 1 to 1 healing guided by the master healing thru God s energy but channled thru a human.After that at night i started feeling uneasy in my throat next day same practise of 1 to 1 healing again with the same person.The following day after the course I started having Flu,fever sore throat and cough.I took D-fev,ENT,perfect health serum and GS with the thought it will heal with serums.Coz previously I had cured myself like that when I had headache and sore throat.
But this time no effect.i went to docter 2 times one after another.Im still not 100% stil having a bit of uneasiness and cough in my throat.My sleep has been not proper since finishing the course

So my question is:
1.For 1 to 1 healing did by any chance the person s energy also got sent to me in the healing ?
2.Is this 1 to 1 channeling not 100% pure God s energy it can be contaminated with the sender s energy?
3.During the session I wore VK but i did not take any protection like S07 rays so it possible i got affected because of that?
4.Rite now I m using ENT,All Clear serum,Perfect health,S07 rays & GS is it enough?



  • Golden SunRise @Dave76,

    It seems you have already diagnosed yourself. I personally appreciate that.

    But, very often, I have expressed my opinion, that in spirituality, consistency of mind and focus on the target is a mandatory feature. Contrary to this, while replying to various quarries, I have observed fickleness of mind in people. They have their VK with them with a Bible of its magical possibilities. Still, instead of correlating their requirement and finding ways within, they keep trying various techniques and venture into unknown ways. It should be understood very clearly that Spirituality is NOT an Adventure sports. It has its benefits and surprises, but at the same time, if not performed properly, it may have its side-effects or negative effects too. While empowering VK, Sharat Sir was primarily concerned to eradicate the side effects generated from techniques mimicked or transmission/receipt of energies. In my opinion, VK is the junction of all techniques, with a guarantee of safety and security. So why should I try anything else, when I can Heal, Meditate, Resolve & Elevate without any undue effect.

    Coming to your quarry, I agree with your apprehension that there might be an exchange of negative energy during your 1 to 1 session. By this, with utmost respect, I do not say that the technique is at a fallacy. No doubt various techniques are propounded for our benefit and spiritual escalation, but most of them are subjected to its typical performance and dos & don'ts. Its a free exchange of energies where the receiver and even the transmitter is exposed to the hazard of negative energies or loss of energy (Please read Sharat Sir's famous article on side effects of Reiki & Energy suckers).

    You have chosen your healing aides very correctly, but I would recommend you to change the chronology and practice "All Clear Serum" first as much as possible. This will clear and cleanse your Aura and self from all the negative effects received by you. Then Sheild yourself and take PHS which already includes ENT serum.

    Also, please concentrate on Single way to spirituality and follow it with focus. You will be the master of the subject.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher


    Thank you for the guidance in detail. When we have VK we actually dont need other healing methods and we do not have to risk our energies with other modes.


    Some of the VK users tried other healing sessions without using VK and they had a fall of their own energy reservoirs.

    In one way the energy is filled using VK....and risking to other healing methods may attack our energies to make it go Minus.

    Does it help to risk our energies to others when we have a powerhouse of energy on our wrist ie VK ?

    Spirituality is within us. Divine is also within us. We can simply request VK to connect ourself with our inner self. VK will make more paths which we deserve and which are meant for us.VK is a channel ....its only that one needs to realise it.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your healing efforts !!
  • Thank You very much Sanjay Sir and Rakhi mam for your reply.

  • WOW I was looking up Cough and came across this post. Very informative. I am a Reiki Master, but since finding VK , I only use Mimic of reiki session. And the healing crisis from Other healing modalities as well as Reiki can really be miserable and make clients stop believing in the healing ability.

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