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My heart is searching for Physical GURU..

Right from my childhood i had questions which were bothering me so much like ...why am i born,why should i live?,...i am very sensitive in nature also.

When i was in 6th class i was initiated for transcendantal meditation of master mahesh yogi in the school which i was studying..i used to do it often not regularly...

I am intrested in knowing about yogis,their i read some books which were available to me..rather i have to say which came into my life...

When i was joined in degree in hostel,i suffered a lot from that time in 1994-95 when i came for diwali person came to our house who lived in our neighbourhood some years back.He said he is doing MASTER C.V.V meditation ,asked us to join, all my family members went there and got initiated.

We all liked this meditation, we were practising it hostel also i got some peace of mind i was doing the meditation daily.

But i didnt liked the behaviour of the person who introduced us this meditation, he misbehaved with me we stopped going to his centre, some of our yoga friends started another group and centre..

In tirupathi, near by town one of the student of direct medium of master c.v.v garu was there , i used to go there often.

But no one guided me, properly i for was the development in me, what did i achieve...what to do further...?....

I thought if MASTER C.V.V was alive,he would have guided me ...

After my marriage i was forced to learn pranic healing along with my family members, i learnt arhatic yoga also, but here also there was nobody to guide i have to say, i got certificates by spending money but didnt practise the yoga or didnt i get the guru for whom i was searching

Doing MASTER C.V.V.S BRIKTHA RAHITHA THARAKA RAJA YOGA was easy for me so i do it daily now.

I am sometimes able to know the events which happen in future, but before that i have to undergo a lot of struggle with continuous thoughts.

From the last one month i am having VK with me now i hav VS also. I request vk before i sit for meditation to give me deep possible meditative trance...

Sir i want to have a physical guru who guides me regularly ....

Please help me regarding this.????


  • Dear @Madhursr,

    Golden Sunrise and may the Divine be your guide. Your quarry is a very interesting question which has been asked very often. You will find various response from different learned persons and they might be correct in their versions. In this forum, we give our opinion, irrespective of how some one may correlate.

    From what you have shared, it seems that from your childhood, Guru has been imposed on you and you have followed whatever was been asked you to do. Unfortunately, this is not the right way. If you know Hindi language well, it is the position when you say "Main karta raha, auro ki kahi.....meri baat mere mann hi mei rahi" (its a line from a song). It means that "I have been doing whatever, others told me to do and my thoughts remained dumped in me". Dear Madhur, Gurus could be recommended but finding a real Guru is like hitting a jackpot which happens in a lifetime.

    Allow me to opine, first of all we must know, who is a Guru or how do we define a Guru. In our scriptures, Father is mentioned as the first Guru (the initiator of your being), then Mother is considered as a Guru (she is the nurturer), the Teacher comes after them (who teaches you about the world out there), but the Guru we are talking about is different from all. He is the one who is your Mentor. He teaches you, Guides you, Navigates you, and polishes you. He is the one who cleans the flaws out of you. He is the one who may treat you strongly, rebuke you, admonish you but shall bring out the 'Real You' out of you. He may not be a professional teacher, who is confined to his subject, whether you learn it well or not, finishes the syllabus.......He is attached to you as a father, who will always protect you like cover of a lantern protects the flame from the wind of the storms, nurture as a mother, who will favor you and inspire, and impart as a teacher - the right way to elevate your soul for the journey called Spirituality.

    So, I would say till yet you have not encountered your physical Guru because your search has been recommended by others....... Search yourself. Remember, a Guru is not necessarily a head of an Institution............He is an institution in himself. Search someone whom from your heart, you would like to follow.

    Reasoning with oneself is required. Let me ask you a simple logic. Now you have VK with you, which makes your way even brighter. Ask your self, why did you longed for a VK? Just because some one tell you about it or did you go through the possibilities with VK, after being inspired by teachings and the mission of evolving an independent Healer from every walk of life, started by Sharat Sir ?? Answer of your of your quarry lies in this question.


    Thank you so much for giving me reply.

    Sir, thank you so much for a marvellous definition for a spiritual guru.

    i agree with each and every word you explained about a guru.

    Sir, nobody told me or recommended me to buy VK

    I myself came to know about it and Sharat sir....from my smart phone.

    Sir, as you said,Golden Sunrise and may the Divine be your guide.

    I am very much thankful to DIVINE for introducing me to great masters like Sharat sir,you and all the VK teachers.

    I am thankful to divine for guiding me in buying great tools VK and VS.

    Sir i am happy for getting replies from this Vk forum.I hope i will receive guidance in future also

    Thank you so much.
  • Wow Gratitudes @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher Sirji for once more blessing with your Divine wisdom :innocent:
    Each and every word of your writings have power to eliminate dusting out of mind conditioning through ages. :blush:
    Love You Sir :heart:

    @Madhursr ji Thankyou for this wonderful discussion, your knowledge grasping and kind gesture is much appreciated.

    :star: I want to share with you one of my favourite article by Sanjay Sir ji at our website.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE Puneet sir,

    Thank you so much for the hyperlink given by you.....i have read this before....

    But To be frank,now after reading it again i am able to understand the opinion and views of Master sanjoy roy sir.Really ,the words expressed by sir in answering the queries or in the articles are you said they eliminate dust out of mind......

    One thing which i liked most about this litarian family or the team of Sharath sir is...RESPONSES,.

    All the queries are answered in detail and with utmost patience...

    Some of my queries are answered by rakhi madam, SHARAT sir also guided me .....
    GUIDANCE is what a comman human like me expects..........

    I am thankful to Divine for making me a citizen of light.
    Let this light of Sharat sir and VK reach each and every human on this earth especially teenagers ,who are the future of this mother earth......let the teachings of spirituality spread over.....

    Thank you Sharath sir, Sanjoy roy sir, and all the vk teachers...

    Thank you so much.
  • :thankyou for all the :thankyou

    Its a pleasure if I was of any help. May God bless you Madhur

  • @Puneet, I Love you too, Thanks for the :beautiful words

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