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Meditation and Spiritual Healing......FLY

Golden Sunrise Divine I would appreciate your input .During my meditation I see white light, streaks of white light, red and violet colors mingling or pulsating together, I get sensations on my body, my left arm and hand vibrates, my left leg jumps, energy in my hands, I will laugh, my head moves, my eyes would move, my nose twitched most of this happened simultaneously not all during the same meditation. Thank you for your input.

There is something else I would appreciate your input on. There was a man Robert Detzler who taught Spiritual Healing. I had purchased one of his books, and I called him to get a better understanding of the book. Anyway during our conversation he told me that I had wings, a halo. Consciousness. and a crown, that I was at the top of the chart, that I was clear and at the New Paradigm highest level. He said all the years he ad been teaching he never saw anyone else with all these four things. Thank you kindly for your input to these questions. ????


  • Golden SunRise @queenie9,

    Thanks for sharing your transcendental experience. My suggestion is that when you are into spirituality......enjoy the bliss, take the ascent and be the chosen one. The divine shall give you the flight, that will enable you to penetrate into deeper realms, you need not investigate the reasons.

    In Indian techniques, we are taught various ways to achieve the transcendence. 2 amongst them are "Bhakti Marg" (way of devotion) & "Jnana Marg" (way of Knowledge). One who follows the way of Devotion, is in a surrendered situation......quarries like what? where? & how?? does not concerns his focus. On the contrary, one who goes by way of knowledge, step forward, only when the above quarries are known to him. It is observed that the 2nd way ie. Jnana marg is a long route because there is so much beyond knowledge of Science & Logic of our times. So, my opinion is that please don't let your inquisitiveness be an obstacle of your journey to this world of energy. As Mr. Robert Detzler said, you have the wings

    However, coming back to your quarry, during meditation, the aura of the body radically grows stronger, the "Chakras" are activated and the energy so produced, enhances the magnetic field around your body. Reacting with the magnetism of the earth, it gives a feeling that your body has become lighter and ready to float. A ticklish feeling at your "third eye" area, vibration at various organs, increase in the body heat due to elevated energy levels are inherent symptoms.

    Now, experience of the mind during this session is unique of everyone. The mind shows profile figures, space, planets, angels and different views to different meditating persons. But as per my view, at Alpha level when the mind is thoughtless and at a central or non-judgemental position, all you see is the energies playing and inter-mingling each other. That is what you saw. Therefore, dear Queenie, I would say that you are going too good.

    What Mr. Detzler referred as "wings", "halo", & "crown" is what I explained above. Connect the effect of your body magnetic field as your wings, the strongly enlightened Aura as your halo and the crown is your spirituality (which resides in your Crown Chakra), as your crown.

    Be blessed alway and please carry on your voyage into the depth of the world of energy; that is what may I suggest. In case of any other quarry, please feel free to inquire. We would be happy to help.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher


    WOW ....Sir i loved this

    As Mr. Robert Detzler said, you have the wings

    As always, you have explained the spirituality concepts with so much simplicity. Thank you for beautiful explanation.

    Blessed to be part of this team and Gratitude for this continuous learnings on forum.


    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your experiences and beautiful journey. Keep sharing. Thank you.

  • Thankyou So much Sir for the explanation :innocent:
    :kissing_blush: much Love to spare your time to share your knowledge and wisdom.
    Blessed to be part of VK family and team
    Always treat for mind and soul to read your words
    Pranam Sir :heart:
  • Thanks to all you wonderful Golden Sunrise Divines.

  • Golden Sunrise Divine, one other thing I forgot to mention, when I am driving at night or at dust of the day I always get a streak of light to my left or to my right, some times I can see this at home but mostly at night or dust of day when I am driving. Thank you

  • This could be an optical illusion @queenie9

  • Thank you Golden Sunrise Divine. I had thought of it being Angels protecting me.

  • Golden Sunrise Divine, as I was lying in bed this morning with eyes closed, I saw a beautiful white light I cant really describe it, but it lasted for about 2 seconds or more. Also before my meditation I asked VK Jubilant to help me get aligned with my higher self and with VK Jubilant after immediately closing my eyes I saw this white light. Was that an indication that I was aligned? Than you kindly.

  • @queenie9


    Yes it is possible
  • Thank you Golden Sunrise Divine

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