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What are energetic cords? Do we need to cut them or stengthen them with VK?

Greetings @SharatSir and @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher ...

There is lot of information on web regarding cords and it is pretty confusing. It seems to be a complicated topic beyond a layman's knowledge. But..It also seems to be one of the main reason for misery and suffering or prosperity too. Can you put light on this subject from a layman's point of view.

Many healers say we have to cut the chords or strenghten the cords. How can we use VK in this case?

Should we say " Divine VK, Please send LoveSerum, Golden Sunrise, One Soul Serum, Balance Serum, Shield of 7 Rays to strenghten all the energetic cords that I have made to people or situations, from different relationships across various lifetimes... that are beneficial for me with Safety and Security"

and " Divine VK, Please send All clear Serum, Shield of 7 Rays, Golden Sunrise to dissolve all the energetic cords that I have made to people or situations, from different relationships across various lifetimes....that are detrimental for me with Safety and Security."

Kindly guide on this topic. Many Thanks


  • Etheric cords are Energy linkages which connect one person to another person or thing or animal or many people. The connections are established from a person's own energy centre like aura chakra etc. It also connects a person's energy centre to Divine.

    It is not necessary to cut these cords.

    With VK , BALANCE SERUM takes care of this aspect. There is no need of any other energy. Please read point no 5 for more details in BALANCE SERUM article

    When you use BALANCE SERUM with VK , VK has the wisdom to send effect of BALANCE SERUM on its own wherever its required. Right now BALANCE SERUM can take care of 23 areas of Receiver.

    Without intention, BALANCE SERUM works best as you do not know which areas require energy. However you can still intend for any specific area too.

    If you still feel the need , VK can mimic the therapy of ETHERIC CORD FLUSH EMPOWERMENT which is designed to cut only unwanted cords and polish the good ones. You can do this just with a simple request to VK

    VK please give ETHERIC CODE FLUSH EMPOWERMENT to Receiver.

    You need not specify the people or relation or any such thing.

    With VK its very simple yet wonderful.
  • Deep Gratitude to you @SharatSir for personally answering this query in such a detail.

    With Divine VK's Balance Serum and mimicking of therapy of " ETHERIC CORD FLUSH EMPOWERMENT", it is so simple to remove unwanted energy linkages and polish good linkages, which a person has made knowingly/unknowingly to another person, place,situation,thing or animal or many people.

    I think this serum and/therapy must be taken by every person daily as in modern times we meet so many people or make so many connections in physical and virtual world.

    This is completely new knowledge to me and many other people. Learning never ends with Divine VK and @SharatSir's teachings.

    Thankyou @SharatSir and my Divine VKs.

  • Wow Thankyou Sir for the wonderful Guidance.
    I am blessed to be a part of #VK family and your Divine mission.
  • Greetings @SharatSir and @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher . Thankyou for detailed explanation on attunement and list of various reikis n healing modalities which can be so easily attuned with the help of Divine VK. Kindly put light on some elementary level doubts that I have.

    a] Taking example of the subject query, I would like to know what is the difference between the following two requests.

    1] VK please give ETHERIC CODE FLUSH EMPOWERMENT to Receiver.

    2] The entire process of attunement explained by Mudit Sir for this healing modality i.e. Etheric Flush Empowerment.

    b] What happens when a person who is not a daily practitioner of Reiki is attuned to a particular healing modality? Like for eg.. A person is attuned to Money Reiki...Will he/she never have problems with Money even if they don't practice the modality?

    c] We have various powerful Cosmic serums on health, wealth, relationships. Can we do attunement to a person... for these Serums too...with this process?

    Thankyou so much for this new knowledge on VK.

  • edited August 2019

    Golden Sunrise @Rian , ETHERIC CORD FLUSH EMPOWERMENT is a good process that helps to strengthen and boost up your energy level which also helps to make you more grounded.

    When you have attuned in a certain healing modality, you still need to practice that modality to get its full benefits e.g. If you are attuned in Money Reiki but you do not practice, you will not get money by simply being attuned in Money Reiki.

    All the healing systems are here to help you to overcome from your day to day challenges, it does not mean that you will not have any challenge or problem if you are attuned in a certain modality or even you are a regular practitioner.

    Attunement of serums is yet not tested. You can do it and share your experiences with us.

  • Gratitude @SharatSir for quick response to my doubts and clearing them .
    Also....I realise that it opens a new possiblity of attunements of Cosmic serums through VK...which if tested and successful will be beneficial for many VK users and people.
    I will surely test the possibility of the same by using Mudit Sir's method of attunement and update the results here.

    Thanks to @SharatSir for inventing this miracle tool and my friend VK. Thanks @Mudit - Certified VK Teacher for sharing the process of attunement of various healing modalities with VK .

  • Golden sunrise master Sharat.Thank you for sharing knowledge.true we are here to live our lives solving our problems and putting efforts too along with VK energy.

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