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VK TIP 86 : Offering Abhishek Gangajal to Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirling and Blessings from Lord Shiva


<3 In the auspicious month of Shravan (Sawan) , people offer Gangajal or Panchamrut (mixture of Milk , Honey, Curd, Ghee , Sugar) to Lord Shiva's ling. You can follow this anytime during the year as you wish.

As VK has a special MIMICKING effect, we can put energy of Holy River Ganga in normal water using VK.

Just hold VK and say GANGAJAL 3 times and rotate VK over water....15 to 20 times.
This water can be offered with prayers to Lord Shiva.

Similarly energy of PANCHAMRUT can be invoked in water using VK and offered in worship.

Not everyone has access to Gangajal so in this way you can still offer to the Lord.
Also instead of offering real food ingredients of Panchamrut , it can be made simply with normal water and VK.
This can save large amount of food ingredients and at the same time keeping the sentiments .

Check this post on how to charge water and things with VK for methods.

<3 Divine energies in VK from VK can travel any distance. You can even send energy of PANCHAMRUT ABHISHEK or any other ABHISHEK (Offering to Lord) to any Deity or Holy Place.

You can send energy of PANCHAMRIT ABHISHEK to Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirling just with a simple request to your VK.

Hold VK in between your palms and say

O Divine VK please send my offering of PANCHAMRUT ABHISHEK to Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirlingx3

You can offer flowers and Prasad too , requesting VK

If you wish You can hold VK and Pray as you pray to Lord Shiva or keep VK aside for 30 min.

After this express Gratitude to Lord Shiva, Divine VK and Sharat Sir.

You can do the entire ABHISHEK and Pooja with your intention holding VK to any Deity at a holy place at a distance with simple requests to VK in your own words.

<3 You can even chant SHIVA MAGIC BEGIN NOW holding VK in your hands or charge drinking water with energy of SHIVA MAGIC BEGIN NOW for wish fulfillment.

<3 You can watch Sharat Sir’s video on SHIVA MAGIC BEGIN NOW wearing VK.

Gratitude to @SharatSir for VK and its amazing ways

Do share your experiences with VK Tips and motivate all here.


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