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Hyper and violent child.....VK experience

One of my friend's acquaintance is undergoing a messy divorce procedure. She has got 2 daughters. Her elder daughter wbo is 9 yrs old is very hyper.and adamant She has now become destructive and violent. No amount of making her understand, using all methods has helped. Especially when her younger sister irritates her, when she's is hyper, she becomes violent. She doesn't share anything with her younger sister.
According to her mother she was not like this before. Her mother says that the divorce procedure has affected her.
Apart GS, CDS ACSwhat else can be given to the child?
Please give detailed method for healing the child.


  • @VeennaVNegglur

    Check this VK Tip 76


    For methods refer learning posts in BASICS OF VK category
  • Ok, thanks and regards
  • So as per the tip, i vl be giving her GS, CDS, ACS, BACH FLOWER REMEDY RESCUE.×3. And also SO7R×3 Separately
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE, I would like to mention here another VK Success Story. In the above case the child is now almost normal, after about almost 3 months healing,
    Thank You VK, Thank You Sharat Sir

  • @VeennaVNegglur
    Thanks for sharing the success
    I really appreciate the patient you have shown in continuing healing for 3 months
    Once again thanks a lot for sharing your success. It's a great inspiration to us all
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE. Thanks a lot for your thanks and appreciation
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE.....I would like to bring to the notice of theVK Teachers that though the child is most of the time normal....but once in a while, say once in 15-20 days the child suddenly turns violent, for no apparent reason....she becomes so violent that she starts hitting people, throwing things around and using filthy language....she's literally uncontrollable. The normal healing for her
    Continues, during such episodes I give her healings almost every half an hour. Then she calms down. Why does it happen so?
  • @VeennaVNegglur

    Please check Basic Post no 13 and VK TIP 26

    A person may get healed but if the environment or people around are same or with similar circumstances as before, the person may require continued healing.

    Here you need to send energies for others too
  • Thanks and regards

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