What is the reason of 'Drifting off in Meditation' after placing a request to VK?

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Needed your insight in a scenario I am facing. I have recently been blessed with divine VK. The past couple days whenever I make a request to VK and sit for meditation or in silence... I almost drift off to kind of like sleep-like state which lasts for 30-40 mins. This would normally happen whenever there is extreme fatigue, but such is not the case in a couple of days. I had noticed that when Reiki is done, the receiver drifts off….is there a connection to this state of being or is it just a case of sleepiness. Awaiting your kind guidance



  • @jamie , drifting off during meditation just happens only for your good. When you need or want a deeper meditative state, VK does listen to your wish and helps you to go into the deeper state. Sleep is the only thing here which is a little annoying but it is also good if you drift off with a positive thought or mantra. During the sleep time, your sub-conscious mind itself repeat your last thought or mantra, therefore, I strongly suggest, always meditate on the bed before sleep.

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