Crystal energies

GS....A crystal worn as ring or pendant gives the energy as along as it is worn on the body. As Vk user how can we have the energy through out the day in the absence of the crystal. Kindly guide


  • @Chandreshn ji
    Crystals absorbs negative energies and they need cleaning and again charging from time to time.
    Same is for gemstones, while VK is such a tool which is once attuned by @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji it remains charged for its lifetime till you melt it in a furnance.

    As per your query every request to VK lasts for 30 minutes automatically and then you can again place a request.

    But you can Charge Water with energies and drink it whole day with VK
  • Vk can mimick Energies of Any Crystals or Gem stones easily.
    You can charge water or things to have the same effect
  • Yes .......Or can I place a request to VK to give the energy of the crystal or gem for the whole day ...
  • Yes...Or can I place a request to VK to give the energy of the crystal or gemstone for the whole day
  • @Chandreshn


    Can we eat only once and get the energy throughout the day?

    VK is attuned to send energy for 30 min at one time by autohealing. If your requirement of energy is fulfilled for that day or a particular wish in that 30 need not request again. You cannot give the request for energy for whole day in one request....because VK will send energy for 30 min and then you will consume it as much as you require. That energy may suffice for few hours or few days or few weeks ...that you will know with regular use of VK

    If not then then you keep requesting as per your need.

    This is true for any it crystal energy or any other.

    Do read learning post no 13 by Sharat Sir in BASICS OF VK category on this forum and hyperinks to it for more information.
  • Golden Sunrise
    It is very much true that we have to take food at several times to get energy through out the day.... But when concepts like now and forever is true why not one whole day comes to action....
  • @Chandreshn

    NOW helps to speed up the healing. It is to request the Universe and Divine energies how important it is for you. Some people remain in future. They ask all wishes to happen in future. And future never comes.

    With VK you ask a child ....a child says i want NOW.

    FOREVER takes you to next wish.

    You are mixing two concepts ....1 is way of requesting energy ie NOW FOREVER . Thats the intention

    And other is operation part of VK...that it will send energy for 30 min. The energy requirement you will many times.

    I request you to read the learning posts and articles by Sharat Sir for more understanding. Because all these concepts are well explained by Sharat Sir. Also read articles on litairian website in category VK.
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