My brother (VK), Subconscious Thinking and the astrology

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Hello Gurus and Friends,
Since i have been with my brother (VK) for almost a year now, and I have learnt many things with it. Yes it works on your intentions. I also had many questions/doubts when I initially started my journey with VK. Is it working, Why its not getting cold, whys its not getting warm as others are saying ? Why cant i find taste change in the water when i charge water or tea/coffee ?
Actually i was also like many of you as if we see in-depth we all are too lethargic to accept changes mentally and yes we all do have doubts as our reasoning mind raises as its the main job and help us to survive. Then I started aligning with it and its as easy as you dont need to order or monitor your heart/blood flow, eye sight hearing, touch sense as our subconscious mind does for us.As time went by I started bonding with VK in deep, and I observed that VK aligns to our heart and once its aligned you are going to win all situations no matter how tough it is. Also many may say they have lost it but if you see that though you lost and learnt something from it and grew as a person so thats again a win win for us.

Initial doubt is good as it is a challenge to change your age old thinking. Later on as I started talking to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor , @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher , @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher and @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher I came to understand that its same as subconscious mind. I had some of my exams which i scored badly before VK, Then after coming in alignment with VK I put with me some new habits like writing down all my goals and things i desire and the results were same as expected as To achieve a big goal you need to write about it everyday or atleast read it everyday and engage in the goal with VK. Its like people may say that I earn 10000/- $ per month and I want 40000 $ per month is a joke, But when you write it down/see /visualise it everyday and have faith in VK the universe will get you going and yes in my experience VK was like a canon blasting all my obstacles and shielding me completely so I am always safe.

Also i observed that VK makes you frank and clear so dont worry if you loose some so called people who did your "chamchagirri" on your face but one straight faced reply and that person has ran off bad mouthing you but the bad mouthing also wont affect you as you have your VK with you. Coming with my experience with Astrology you may say that this was astrology/"bhagya" that so and so happened but its not that. Also i met couple of astrologers who said me that this will happen bad or has happened bad due to so and so planet "margi or vakri types" which any innocent person will accept and I too did that, But then with VK i posted the question to VK and way out of the problems started coming. What as per astrology planet is doing bad is not due to that reason but has multiple factors, And its like you had sugary items 200 grams everyday for 5 years and the astrologer will say you that this planet went bad and thats why you got diabetes so spend this money and you will be ok. But my friends to be honest its not the way. Yes VK makes you logical thinker too but at the same time it fulfills all your wishes and it listens to all of the wishes you want with true heart. Just remember that "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND AND LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE" you cant bad mouth someone and expect good for you as VK doesn't work that way as per my own experience. Recently, My friend had gone through major heart surgery and all i did was prayed VK with true heart for his recovery and VOILAAAA he was as fit as horse and also the kidney stone problem faced by my friend was recovered.

To Conclude, I would say Astrology is about planets and all planets are good and they never harm anyone and its all about the fear which you hear and makes your subconscious mind which makes you jump in the ditch but VK will always save you.


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