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Autism and cerebral palsy

I have a friend with a boy 15 years old who has autism, but he is very high functioning 3.7 in his grade level. I would just like to see him have a better connection socially so that he’s not made fun of when he does crazy silly thing is though he is so so delightful child. He also supposedly has cerebral palsy which one of his foot he has always had a little trouble walking with it and is stumble and so his father is reluctant to have him do physical things because of this. So far I have figured that I should do golden sunrise brain serum balance serum perfect health and calm down. In the second healing I would use a GOLDEN SUNRISE, Gym serum, balance serum and I CALL IT the MMM mantra as I do not know how to pronounce it. Can you suggest anything else that I should take care of for this. Thank you so much


  • @Pollyanna mam.
    Thankyou for Coming with Suggestions in your query much appreciated.

    Your Combination is Perfect

    As per your 1st query Autistic Child

    :star: you can add in above CALM DOWN SERUM i think you added if the kid get irritated.

    You can do VITAL ORGAN BALANCING of brain

    To improve speech and communication , you can give ENT SERUM and do VOB of throat chakra.

    On behalf of the affected person, anyone can do Self meditation with MAHAMRUTUNJAY MANTRA as described in point no 39 of Brain Serum article.
  • As per Second query for Cerebral palsy

    Again you have perfect Combination...


    As it is for the same child
    MMM is already added in other combination so no need to add it again.
    BRAIN SERUM is added again as we can have 5 energies in one combination, so it will be a booster for Brain.

    Additionally VOB of the affected foot can be done with GYM SERUM /MMM

    You can also charge a Cream with GYM SERUM and apply on the foot.
  • As per the pronunciation of MMM
    Please follow as @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher didi guided you


    You can send energy of Mantra with VK.

    You can connect with words with their spelling when you don't know its pronunciation.

    You can pronounce it as MAAA- HAAA- MRIT- YUN-JAYA MA-N- TRA.

    You can also do this way...Request your VK to send the energy of the mantra which VK Teacher Rakhi guided for .....and remember this post while you request.

    You can read about this mantra in this article by Sharat Sir

    You can also request VK to send energy of mantra in this article....
  • Thank you dear one. This is very helpful. I usually just tell VK to activate MMM mantra and it seems to be working since I have that intention.

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