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Best way to activate the Prayer to Archangel Raziel?

OMGosh!! What an amazing article about Archangel Raziel!! How do I ask VK to please help me with all that is in the prayer written in that article !! That is exactly what I have been trying to say !!

Just ask VK to please active the prayer to Archangel Raziel to me Now Forever 3x


  • @Julesmm


    VK has special feature of mimicking. So one can activate positive effects of energies with VK.

    But personally i feel when it comes to Prayers...its not only a physical person but its a physical body mind and soul all talking out.

    I feel the best way would be to hold VK in between the palms and request VK to help you to convey your prayers to ARCHANGEL RAZIEL.

    When we pray there is no barrier no ego....we just submit ourself to the higher energies. If you actually read out the lines of prayers from the article....(i think they are just 6 to 8 short lines) will feèl more comnected to Archangels.

    Archangels are messengers of God. So why not pray to them directly and request VK to help to convey.

    You can do an exercise....

    Exercise 1 : Request VK to activate the prayers

    Exercise 2 : Read the prayer while request VK to convey to the Archangel.

    See how you feel....and choose to practise the way you feel to.

    The words FOREVER may not be required.....because prayer is a self motivated action...which we love to do just use NOW and keep doing....

    All the articles by Sharat Sir on 15 Archangels are can read other articles too...

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!
  • Thank you Rakhi for such a great explanation!! I will give those a try ! Yes just reading that prayer feels so good !
    GOLDEN SUNRISE for all you do!! <3

  • @Julesmm

    Thank you for your thanks and GOLDEN SUNRISE.

    Do share your experiences with VK and this prayer.

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