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How to safeguard our kids

One fine day, my maid came crying with her husband, telling about her daughter who has liking for some guy,she is just 14 year n told her parents she will marry him either they agree fine or she will elope. This created panic for parents.After listening I started healing immidiately,i started with making circle wrote both of their names, n started giving anti addiction serum.Alonside started giving charged water to girl.. Anti addiction serum*3 + study serum,*3 so she can focus on her study+ shield of 7 rays *3. Within 15 days got results but still continuing healing from last 4 months as her parents are quite scared.


  • @Sonia - Supportive VK Teacher

    This is a very inspiring post. Thank you for sharing.

    Appreciate your proactiveness to help your maid and her daughter.

    With simple ways of VK, its easy to protect chidren and help them to be focussed on their career.

    Thanks to Sharat Sir for gift of VK to all of us.
  • @Sonia - Supportive VK Teacher

    You can send BRAVO SERUM to your maid and her husband. And BACH FLOWER RESCUE REMEDY to all the past unwanted events that are disturbing them.

    This will help them to be peaceful and move ahead.
  • Thanks for ur motivation, already started giving my maid bravo serum, yes I do add Bach flower rescue remedy also. :thankyou
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