Lost key found

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Thank you Sharat Sir...thank you VK. This evening we could not find one of our house keys which we had kept on the sofa. In spite of searching every where we could not locate it. The sofa has gaps in-between each seater. We searched for it at every nook and corner of the sofa but still could not find it. We were a bit panicked thinking our house key is lost. I  requested VK as suggested by Rakhiji 'GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH HOUSE KEY NOW WITH EASE (3 TIMES) AND SHIELD OF 7 RAYS (3TIMES)'. Did this about 3 to 4 times in a span of 1 hour. Since I have 2 VKs I enhanced the energies with the other one.  I am happy to report that we found our keys. It was inside the gap of the sofa ( the same place where we had searched for twice before). Relieved and grateful


  • @Varsha

    Thanks for sharing. Lovely.

    I too wonder sometimes that i get my things back at the same place after requesting VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH....where earlier i just dont find it ...before requesting VK.
  • Thanks Ma'am always look forward to your guidance
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