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Hi There,
I have a new online business.Please guide me on serum or other ways to use VK to help me.I was thinking of sending one soul serum to my prospective customers .Let me know .Thanks.


  • @Shreem


    Which is the serum for money and business.

    Also use the SEARCH option with BUSINESS and NEW BUSINESS on litairian website and on this forum.

    You will get valuable hits. You can please post your answer here to discuss further.

    Sharat Sir wants us to be independent healers. And a lot is shared on litairian website and this forum on almost every topic including new business.

    So please come up with your detailed answer. This will also help you to find amazing ways of exploring VK.

    You can even search in TIPS and BASICS of VK section.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!
  • I want to add rakhiji tip here which I also used.. Sending love serum to ur contact list, customer list.
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    Thanks for the tips ladies.

    Rakhiji,do you mean golden sunrise is the serum for money and business?

    Also is the one soul serum not a good option?
  • @Shreem ji,
    Golden sunrise is the Master energy gifted by Divine to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji.
    It is used to enhance every healing request.
    Golden Sunrise can be clubbed with any energy and serum combination by default.

    Please read One Soul Serum article to know its signifigance


    use the SEARCH option with BUSINESS and NEW BUSINESS on litairian website and on this forum.
  • Thanks.
  • I have been in the beauty business for 30 yrs doing nails. As the years pass I have been loosing clients to death due to age. I am now trying to decide whether to retire as I am not making much more money than it takes to carry on the business. So I am using TWS and trusting in VK and the Divine to guide me on what I should do. I love helping people and VK is doing that for me. I was wondering how to survive financially with this work, and then I had one client start paying me as we worked for several months together. She still brings me her issues even though the original problem has solved itself. She keeps telling me that I have a gift that should be used in VK. This wee she brought me a new client that would also like to pay me. I am thinking very seriously of retiring from the nail business. When you ask VK for guidance, it is there. I would like to own or be owned by
    at least three more VK's as most of the time mine are in use and I don't have one on me. Thank you all you who serve us with your incredible knowledge and love and to SIR for his gift to the world.

  • @Pollyanna


    When you use TOTAL WEALTH SERUM you can do this without a specific intention . Most of the times people unknowingly decide the path from where money would come. Here they sometimes restrict the ways.

    Its my personal experiences when you do without deciding brings in money in surprising ways.

    When you have can even ask questions to VK. It will reply with a surprise.

    You should wear one VK most of the times....because on its own VK has many benefits including boosting of aura , aligning of chakras peace of mind and following your intentions when you are aligned with VK.

    You can request your VK to multiply itself and make way for more VKs.with GOLDEN SUNRISE.
  • Thank You. Your wisdom is so helpful always. I will try this.Golden Sunrise.

  • @Pollyanna
    Golden sunrise
    Good to know that you really want to help people ,it's an awesome feeling along with that you are earning too,great combination. Im also working on same lines. Always keep intentions of helping ,as this will bring lot of blessings money is just a part of it.
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