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I want to know the solution for alopecia

My daughter is having some bald patched on her head. what should I do. Pl advice


    1.Touch/hold VK and say
    "VK please help my daughter to get beautiful, good volume, perfect texture hair on her scalp now forever"
    Say this frequently during the day.
    2.With VK
    Charge her hair oil, hair products like shampoo, conditioner/gels with BEAUTY SERUM +ALL CLEAR SERUM + AMALKI +ONION JUICE (with intention safety and security)

    You can even charge bath water with these energies

    3.Charge drinking water with BEAUTY SERUM + PERFECT HEALTH SERUM + ALL CLEAR SERUM +ALPHA WOMAN SERUM +BALANCE SERUM and give her at least 4 doses everyday. More frequently if you can.

    Add IMMUNE SERUM if any scalp infection.
    Add MOOD UP SERUM if she feels low and if this is causing hairfall.
    But if she is constantly worried or thinking, then take CALM DOWN SERUM instead of Mood up Serum.

    Check the above links for more creative ways of using VK

  • Thank you Rakhi for ur reply. I will follow the above

  • Thank you for sharing this
  • Can we do all 3.methods simultaneous
  • Please try the energy of rosemary ,coconut , nigella sativa and almond through water .The results are sure.
  • Energy of rosemary ,coconut ,Nigella sativa and almond through water it for drinking or applying to the concerned area?
  • Plz reply
  • @Richa
    Check if the above ingredients are edible/consumed orally. If yes then you can take their energy through drinking water too
  • Thanks maam
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