what are the healing energies of Shreemad Bhagavat Gita.

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If we request VK for healing energies of GITA . What would be the effect. Will it give blessings of SHRI KRISHNA.



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    What comes in your mind when you think of Shreemad Bhagwat Gita ?

    When you think of taking its energy through VK ....what do you expect
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    This is a Participative learning discussion on forum.

    I asked you two simple questions for a purpose. You have replied just in one word REGARD.

    Can you please explain and elaborate your answer. This is for all VK users to understand the concept.

    Thank you.
  • Actually I myself don't know the concept of this. I was sitting with VK in my hand, this thought came in my mind, I should request for the healing energies of Shreemad Bhagwat Gita .
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    Thank you for posting so frankly. Appreciate it.

    When i think of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita. The word that first strikes me is KARMA or Action to do.

    I connect to Bhagwat Gita the way it teaches how action is important, what is righteous what is my duty that i need to perform in action.....dont think of fruits while performing karmas.

    Each verse teaches a lot. Will not write more on Bhagwad Gita because every individual connects to its teachings in their own ways based on understanding and own situations.

    I want to share one VK experience of mine which flashed in my mind as i read your question. This is around 2 yrs back and it helps me even today.

    I was in dilemma which way to act. There was a situation where i was supposed to act ...my heart said one way but my brain said exactly opposite way. I asked Sharat Sir which way should i go.

    #Sharat Sir replied "KRISHNA se Poocho" (Ask KRISHNA).

    After this i prayed to Krishna to guide me in a way he guides Arjun.

    Then i prayed to my VK....lead me to the path guided by Krishna and help me to follow it.

    After this, some situations came which gave me a hint ....which way i have to follow.

    After i did my actions....i discussed with Sir...my experience and how i did. Then i asked Sir....if you would have been in my place, which way you would have taken...
    He replied that he would have taken the same course which i already took.

    I felt as if Sharat Sir was my 1st Krishna.

    Since childhood Krishna has been my deity friend. I connect to Krishna not as a lord but as my Sakha (Friend).

    When Sir said ASK KRISHNA...i remembered my mother connecting me to Krishna as a beloved child God. And i wondered how did i forget Krishna.

    Krishna is one deity who is a true guide when it comes to action. He is also a Saviour and a lover......he also becomes a friend...Balram Sudama Draupadi call him Sakha(Beloved Friend).

    Bhagwat Gita is something which Krishna teaches on actions in life.

    Now with VK ....when you say Healing energies of Shreemad Bhagwat Gita....

    Did you mean to mimick the healing. Here Gita is a teaching and as Sanjay Sir says Its a way of life.
    So one cannot ask for this healing energy. Because its not healing or effect but its a way to practise with guidance.

    To have Krishna's Blessing....Call him anytime from your heart....and he will be there with you. You can even hold VK and pray to Lord Krishna for his blessings.

    We do not require to get his blessings through Bhagwat Gita....we can get directly.

    But you can always ASK KRISHNA for help.

    In the last post...you have written that you got this feeling while holding VK...

    I feel this is a signal to you from VK....maybe there is a situation in your life...where you need to act....or act in certain way ...or to just act without worrying on results...or some teaching from Bhagwat Gita which you need to apply.

    VK is probably giving you some signal. You can do both ways...if you feel.

    Seek Lord Krishna's blessings

    And Request VK to lead you with teachings from Bhagwad Gita...and help you to perform it in your life situation.

    Thank you for asking this beautiful question.

    My special thanks to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for his beautiful and timely guidance of ASK KRISHNA and for my gift of VK.

    Sanjay Sir will also share his views and valuable guidance as he does always. I just wanted to share my VK experience here.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your experiences with VK
  • Feeling blessed. Thanks
  • Dear @mukeshmg,

    Rakhi ji has said it all.

    No doubt, it is the most blissful feeling to applaud the Lord - Krsna. He is the most revered and admired one in all hindu divinities. He is playful on one hand, and matured on the other. He is innocent but clever, He is philosophical and yet practical. He acts as ambassador of Peace & Love, but at the same time He is vanquisher of evil. I would say one cannot get a better friend & guide than the Lord Himself.

    Since, now you have explained how did it clicked in your mind, let me opine on it.

    Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta is art of living recited by the Lord, it is way to seek thyself, and advice for attainment of salvation. At the juncture of confusion in the mind of Arjuna, when he swung in dilemma, right in the middle of Battle field of Kurukshetra, the Lord, being his Charioteer (Charioteer here means the navigator of one's "Manah" ie. Mind & emotions), recited the verses of Geeta to clear off, all his doubts and thus decide his path of action.

    Now, I guess, when you were sitting with VK in your hand, you must be having some kind of dilemma in your mind. VK must have given you a message of karma or indicated to take a decision to act. Because of the same, you were driven to think about energy of Bhagwad Geeta. Please share in case it was like that.

    Rest all is well explained by Rakhi ji. Geeta is Krsna's creation. It is a set of advises which helps one to elevate in his spiritual as well as material life. Love Krsna and you get his blessings. Shred your God & Devotee - relationship of boundaries and try Buddy kind of relationship with Him. Request Him to become your charioteer and you will be through.

  • Thanks for your reply Sir. Yes you are right, at present , there is a stagnancy in my life, I am confused what to do or what not to do. I want to change my job because there is no work, project completed, company is not taking new projects but at the same time I don't want to take risk of change. Just waiting for a good opportunity.
  • After reading above conversations again and again, I requested VK
    Pls give energies of Om gum ganpatay namh , healing energies of Shreemad Bhagavad Gita , blessings of Shreemad Bhagavad Gita , pls bless me the teachings of Shreemad Bhagavad Gita , energies of KLEEM .

    It's a WOW experience. I can only say" Melody Khao Kud Jaan Jao.

    Thanks and regards to everyone
  • @mukeshmg

    Wowowow. I Can feel your excitement. B)

    Hope you could share more.
    Otherwise when you ask next question we will reply MELODY KHAO KHUD JAAN JAO =) B)
    And you will know what to do :#
  • Ha ha ????
  • Actually it is almost impossible to express in words, it was like, a child playing in presence of mother, without any fear, demand, confident about his security. Feeling of surrender, full of love and joy.

  • @mukeshmg

    I correlate to your words.
    VK experiences are beyond expressions many a times.
    This happens with me especially when i hold VK taking Divine names or meditation.

    Its a bliss boon blessed feeling.

    Thank you for sharing. These lines posted by you will motivate many.

    I feel when you were holding VK the time when you posted the question in main post. .....VK knew what you wanted to feel. And its beautifully manifested for you.
  • Feeling blessed , but still unable to understand, what nature wants to tell me. I never read GITA , three - four years ago I was going somewhere with my family, some devotees of ISCON gave one Gita . I thought that they are selling it,so I gave 2-3 hundred rupees to them, then they gave all four copies to me. All those are still with me. Once I tried to read it but it was beyond my.... Kutch samajh nai aya . Then in a tv program some body was telling Gita Mai Bhagwan Krishna ne kha hai jab Kutch samj na aye to meri sharan Mai a jao. Bas isse jyada nahi pata hame. Gita ke Bare Mai.

  • @mukeshmg

    Your post on 30 jun
    Thanks for your reply Sir. Yes you are right, at present , there is a stagnancy in my life, I am confused what to do or what not to do. I want to change my job because there is no work, project completed, company is not taking new projects but at the same time I don't want to take risk of change. Just waiting for a good opportunity.

    After VK energies
    Your post
    Actually it is almost impossible to express in words, it was like, a child playing in presence of mother, without any fear, demand, confident about his security. Feeling of surrender, full of love and joy.

    My comment
    Now correlate both the posts. You wanted to change your job because of no work in current employmnt. But you didnt want to take RISK and you were waiting for opportunity.

    Not ready to take risk is mostly FEAR.

    In your experience you saw a child playing with joy fearless feeling secured because of presence of a mother. You took Divine energies with VK.

    Here i see VK gave you a signal that you are Divine 's child and the mother Divine is with you. When you surrender to Divine and play you will always be joyful and protected.

    The act of playing with reference to Gita is doing your work or action.
    The child plays. You are playing your role of earning through employment.
    So play that role fearlessly.

    If there is no work and you change job....you just do it fearlessly as Divine is with you. You will be happy in Divine presence.

    The act of surrender is also taught in Bhagwat Gita ....to surrender and act without thinking of fruits. You will get what you deserve.

    Its a clear signal to open your mind to welcome opportunities to play your game of work. You can just keep all options open to allow Divine energies to bring opportunities to you.

    You can start taking BRAVO SERUM TOTAL WEALTH SERUM ALPHA WOMAN SERUM (If you are female ) or ALPHA MALE SERUM (male) and put your intention to VK for a deserving job opportunity NOW.

    Dont restrict yourelf with fear.

    You need not read Bhagwat Gita to interpret if you find it difficult.

    The dilemna situation has been eased.

    Just request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE show me the path and make it easier for me to REACH to my deserving opportunity NOW.
  • @mukeshmg

    When you open your mind to opportunities dont restrict yourself about the source of opportunities. It can be another assigment in same company or totally new from outside.
  • Thanks for explaining so beautifully .

  • Dear @mukeshmg,

    After going through the fantastically explained guidance from Rakhi ji, you must be clear about what I was indicating. When you hold your VK and ask for guidance, it always give you the best way to you. But you have to understand, which way the Divine is ushering you to.

    You have posted the incident when you got your copies of Geeta from ISCKON devotees, and after that you posted what little you derived from the TV show. Let me once again tell you - THAT WAS THE CLUE. Please recall what you said. You pick up the verse :

    सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज । अहं त्वा सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुचः ॥
    "Sarva Dharma Parityajya, Maam ekam Sharanam Vraja, Ahamtwa Sarvapapebhyo Mokshayeshyami Ma Shuchah"
    (meaning : O Arjuna, leaving aside all religions of the world, come to my refuge. I will liberate you from all the sins, please do not grieve.)

    In the above verse, the Lord's words has several interpretations. Some learned devotees interpret that the lord himself said that he is the supreme power and so he suggested Arjuna to leave all other religions and so on. But if you go by me, the Boss says that do not confuse yourself wandering in many religions and dieties. Focus in ONE (in this case, it is HIM) and follow. It will take you to your destination.

    Now if you relate the above with Rakhi ji's guidance, she has told you the same. Do not get confused and wander, looking for an even better opportunity......indulge in what Divine has given. Maybe you grow & shine to be the best in the one availed by you. What is required is to surrender to the call of Divine and do your Karma honestly.

    This is my opinion.

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