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Subordinate loosing incentive/bonus

edited August 2018 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Today after a long time I am writing in the forum. I need help on a problem faced by my colleague due to my small mistake
I work as an Astt Branch Manager in a company. There was an incentive of 25000 which one of my colleague was supposed to receive and she really work very hard for it. Due to my small negligence of not updating one record (parameter) in time. She is going to lose it. It's not her mistake yet she is facing it. My subordinates trust me as a manager, Leader and they really respect me for the same. So ultimately it's my responsibility to take care of their remuneration. It usually never happens from my side but this time it did
I wrote a mail to my seniors for the same but as of now there is no reply. The company has a policy of giving due importance to it's employees but this time, it's like they are deaf and not responding
Since it's my mistake though small, its my responsibility so i am ready To pay her the incentive from my pocket but I am really not able to know how to handle the situation. She is a very good employee and losing such a good amount will be a setback for her. Please help me so that I can retain a good employee
Please tell me what and how shall I request VK?


  • @Sameer


    Please send SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to her , her incentive and her career.


    You can send LOVE SERUM to your seniors and authorities approving incentives

    Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE CREATE MAGIC NOW for her deserving incentive NOW NOW NOW
  • #GOLDENSUNRISE to her appriasal form and your email
  • @Sameer

    Please remove this thought that you are ready to pay the incentive from your pocket.

    Here there are 2 intentions

    1. Your Company paying
    2. You are giving

    Just keep the 1st one....say to VK Company should give her incentive what she truly deserves.

    If required Request VK to give you a way and strength to communicate with your Seniors that she has done her best and you want to retain her in your team for Company's best performance.

    Give GOLDEN SUNRISE to this communication if you do so.
  • Rakheeji Thanks a lot for the guidance and motivation as well.
    I will follow it
  • Today I feel immense pleasure to inform that the issue has been resolved and my subordinate got her incentive
    I followed the instructions by Rakhi madam and it just happened
    I had tears in my eyes the moment I heard it and once again I was astonished by the results
    My gratitude to Rakhi madam Sharat Sir and VK for the guidance and blessings
  • @Sameer

    Thats amazing. So happy to read this. Thank you for sharing .

    Appreciate your patience in healing and helping your team.

    Thank you for your thanks. Thanks to Sharat Sir for beautiful VK and beautiful ways of healing and bringing happiness.

    VK got her what she truly deserved through your intentions.

    Keep sharing your happiness......


  • :beautiful :mantap

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