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Serum for Hernia

My mother had bypass surgery dones few years ago. Now her stomach is bloating and portion below the lungs is bulging out. It is hernia as told by doctors. My mother is 75 yrs old and cant have hernia operation done at this stage. Can you please guide as to what serum along with Perfect Health Serum would be helpful for her this condition. Thank you





    You can also do Psychic Surgery for hernia with VK just with a simple request.

    Follow this link on Pyschic Surgery
  • Thankyou Rakhi ji


    You can also give your VK to her and explain her

    She can lie down on the bed comfortably.

    Hold VK in her hand and rotate or just rub gently on the area where there is bulge. She can just keep the intention of healing NOW FOREVER or just healing.

    If you are doing this VOB on her while she is lying can chant ALL CLEAR SERUM
  • Thank you once again

  • Namaste
    My mother's hernia is giving her lots of pain. I am being giving her the serums mentioned. Doctors say go for operation though at present it is not serious but if it gets serioused than emergency operation will be the only solution. Though I trust my VK , I am bit confused. The gap is of 3 inches please advice me
    Thank you



    In addition to Serums....Psychic Surgery and VOB was also suggested....

    Keep the intention to VK whatever is best for her should happen for her recovery.

    For pain, you can charge cream PAIN CARE SERUM and MAHAMRUTYUNJAY MANTRA and apply.

  • Thank you Maam

  • Golden sunrise. What organ should I do physic surgery on for umbilical hernia ?
  • @haresh
    Put intention on "Affected part"
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