Need help - this isn't working - Dog Tick

Ok - I asked a question a few months ago about my daughters puppy who got a tick - So he has gotten at least 15 ticks since than - apparently we have a terrible tick problem in our area because this is crazy!!! Everytime he gets one she tells me and I do my VK magic for ALL CLEAR 3x SHIELD OF 7 RAYS 3X ELIMINATE ALL DETRIMENTAL TICK ENERGIES 3X FROM HENRY NOW and I put my vk on his picture if i have it available or just my intention that it goes to Henry when I don't have his picture with me. I do this several times a day for a few days after as much as I can remember to do it.

My daughter does not have a VK it is just me trying to do this to clear any detrimental energies !! Well I need to do more - She also uses a blend of essential oils that are supposed to help with ticks on him. She/I really don't want to put him on Frontline flea and tick treatment because I know how terribly bad that is for our pets but I am at a loss here on what to do. I have no idea if he has contracted any lyme disease or anything else from all these tick bites??!! He has not been tested. I am just praying that the VK stuff I do each time is enough!!!

What do you think i should do here??
Thank you for your time xo


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