When we don't know exactly what is wrong, You suggest to say VK fix (whatever).

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Since VK always knows whats wrong, why can't we just say fix the problem and then it would always be right?


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    Why dont you practise this and share your experiences
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    Your question got my memory refreshed to one of my beautiful VK experience almost 2 yr back.

    It was rainy season and i was attending a Seminar. Suddenly between the Seminar i lost complete focus on the topic. My thoughts went to one of the situations of my life for which i was not getting any way out.

    I was sending energies but got stuck with the questions to myself. During the Seminar as i remembered this ....it made me so uncomfortable that i felt like running away from the auditorium. But officially i could not. No words of the coach reached my ears because by that time i got really disturbed with lot of uneasiness.

    I thought of taking MOOD UP SERUM but could not request.

    I just looked at VK and said I cant take this anymore. Please do something.

    I was still feeling lost and suddenly i realised one questionaire was passed out to me.

    It was a 6 question quiz which we were assigned to complete on the spot.

    I started thinking.... now i missed everything what the coach said how will i answer this quiz.

    I started writing the answers and completed it.
    After the bell rang...the Coach told us to read our own answers to the person sitting next.

    OMG....When i read the answer to my neighbour i realised the 3rd question had an analogy to my question and situation, which was giving me so much discomfort few mins before the quiz came in. And the answer to the last question was my line of action to my question.

    It was just unbelievable. After that i participated in the seminar 100 pc.

    Next day i wrote to Sharat Sir about my experience how VK turned the table in few min through a Surprise quiz.

    And I even called the Coach who was the Quizmaster for that questionaire. I narrated to her my personal question and how disturbed i was and how the quiz gave me the answer i was seeking. I expressed gratitude to her.

    In this experience i realised the answer was within me but i could not feel it with so much disturbance..
    VK did it so easily keeping me live in Seminar and taking care of my situation.

    Pollyanna , sometimes the situation may be such that we need to have Patience and yet have to know what next to do.

    That day VK did not fix my actual situation but it gave me a way out beautifully to have it fixed.

    So when you get such questions or signals to ask VK from within.....JUST DO IT ....you will definetely get something to move ahead.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK listening to our hearts.

    Hope to hear your experiences Pollyanna.

  • Wow thankyou for sharing your personal experience @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher didi.
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