Sending specific serum to distant person.......on paper Ticks infection for pets

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Respected VK teacher,
Golden Sunrise,
If I wish to send Golden Sunrise, All Clear Serum and Calm Down Serum to a person staying away from me, by writing the name of person in a paper and placing VK on it for 30 minutes after requesting 3 times; then after 30 minutes, should I place VK aside for 30 minutes or can I wear it, as after wearing, human mind keeps on thinking many other issues.
Further how much time to be elapsed for next request once the above process is over?


  • @dddewangan

    After each request, gap can be for 30 min, as 30 min is the maximum time VK send energy by auto healing.

    When you place VK for 30 min on paper, after completion of 30 min, VK is free for next request.

    It is important to keep wearing VK for maximum time. So you can prioritise your healing accordingly. Or request for another VK to manage your healing.

    It is ok if human mind thinks on multiple issues. For your important wishes, put clear positive intention to VK

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher - I want to ask you if i want to send serum for good health of my pet who is suffering with some viral infections, Can I just write ACS, PHS, S07R, BS and D-FEV serum on apaper without a circle created for the pet and send ?

  • @Shrinath


    Yes you can with writing of full forms of each energy.

    You can also give IMMUNE SERUM to modulate the immunity.

    Zapper Healing 9v 10khz with safety and security can be given if infection is still there.

    I assume BS is BALANCE SERUM in your post. BS as per litairian is BEAUTY SERUM.

    If the pet is with you , you can also keep VK on your pet while its lying down or sleeping ...requesting VK to heal NOW FOREVER.
  • yes BS is balance serum. My pet is in other city and down with infection. Also i would like to know if there is any treatment which can get rid her of ticks as this is the 2 nd time in 2 months she is sick because of the blood sucking ticks.

  • @Shrinath

    One VK user shared success with Zapper ALL CLEAR SERUM and BEAUTY SERUM for ticks for a pet dog.

    You can also do this . The bath water can also be charged.

    If there is any cream which can be applied with convenience then charge that.

    Also request


    Or GET RID OF...

    Even when infection should be continued for few weeks....the healing.
  • I am giving all the serum as mentioned by writing on the paper and also wrote the line on the same paper VK GOLDEN SUNRISE SHIELD AND PROTECT MY PET COMPLETELY FROM TICKS NOW FOREVER and make her healthy and active always. I have added Perfect health serum too and So7R too.

    Is this right or something else to be added/changed ?

  • @Shrinath

    Which energies...?

    Zapper is not a serum

  • I have wrote on one paper energy of GS, D-fev serum, PHS, Immune serum, Balance serum. In other paper i have wrote Zapper healing 9v 10 khz with safety and security (non serum) but to remove the infections, Beauty serum, Immune serum, Fem serum and So7R.

    Is it a right combination and can i add gym serum so she doesnt feel weak ?

  • @Shrinath

    Perfect Health Serum will take care of stamina. Instead of FEM SERUM ...ALL CLEAR SERUM can be added.

    And in second combination you can put the affirmation also.
  • Respected VK teacher,
    I still have confusion in requesting VK for a distant person.
    Suppose I request VK for sending Golden Sunrise, All Clear Serum, Calm Down Serum, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to XYZ (by writing his name in a paper) and place VK on the paper for 30 minutes. Then once 30 minutes are over and I remove VK from the paper; then whether VK is ready for next request? or I have to wait for another 30 minutes for next request?
    Kindly clarify.
    With regards.
  • @dddewangan ji
    Kindly Please read the VK basics,
    @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji and Team VK doing so much hard work to write detailed explanation and Articles.

    Click on the link below for 30 minute concept with VK

    Please Must read
  • @dddewangan

    Once the energy is sent for 30 min on one request.

    VK gets free for next request.

    Why should you wait for another 30 mins when there is no request placed ????
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