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Can VK mimic the marijuana oil called RSO.

The marijuana oil called RSO is very effective for cancer. Kim VK mimic this world to help cancer patients?


  • Can I mimic this product? RSO Oil

  • @Pollyanna


    RSO oil is not yet clinically proven for cancer in humans.

    There are some findings in test tube experiments and in animal models.

    Till now there is no properly structured clinical studies performed on human beings for effectiveness and safety of RSO oil in cancer.

    The claims of RSO oil were challenged by Health Authorities in some countries for its use in Cancer DUE TO LACK OF CLINICAL TESTING.

    Sharat Sir guides ....that when you mimic any energy or substance with VK, you should know what effects it would give. And if it is the one that you are looking can use that.

    If you have information on RSO oil that its clinically proven for cancer, then you can mimic it with safety and security.

    Request to you, that you can post the query related to same healing in the same discussion next time. You have already started a thread on cancer today morning ....which guides about CARE SERUM with link.

  • I have had experience with RSO with three different people and the shrinking of the tumor. the drawback has been the side effect of sleeping too much. I thought the mimic would give them the good effect and leave them functioning. Thank You Golden Sunrise.

  • So try CARE SERUM without any negative effect.
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