Charging Home Appliances/ Gadgets

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How can we charge gadgets like mobile phone, laptop, tablet, television and appliances like washing machine, fridge, air conditioners, fans, lights etc, with VK for their long life and better performance? How many times daily charging is needed?
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  • @success811

    You have been a VK user for almost a year. Please check on litairian website in which serum article , Sharat Sir has already guided about this.

    Sharat Sir has written each article in detail for us to explore VK. He spends at least 8 hrs to write each article.

    I request you to first read the articles and if you don't get answer, we will tell you which article and which line mentions the exact answer for your question posted here.

    One needs to work to be an independent healer. It is very simple, use the SEARCH option with keywords like computer or cell

    Your another question how many times to charge is there in the announcement Post no 13 in BASICS of VK section. In this post Sir has clearly explained about healing frequency . He posted it around 6 months back, i hope you are reading his postings !!

    If no, please start reading the basics and articles.

    Lets make this Forum more richer with questions that enrich our knowledge beyond the basic knowledge already shared in the articles.

    Please do come back with your answer on this same post to your question based on your reading.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE. Happy Learning.

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