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Court Case Trial How can VK help

edited January 2020 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
Sincr my name is showing’ i am concerned that someone who knows this story could see this. It involves a trial for murder and i need some clearer way of treating this case that the young man was set up. I need something to bring truth to the situation. I would like to provide more info if needed. I am helping him thru water treatment.


  • @Pollyanna


    For any criminal or civil case, you can simply request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE to help all the people in the situation to get the truth out.

    You can send SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to affected people.

    You can send BRAVO SERUM for courage to cope up with the situation.

    VK will work for the person who is innocent in the case with right acts... legally and morally

    This is the general guidance for any case. We do not need any more information.

    You can talk to VK in your own words anytime to guide you what is best in the case.

    You can also take SHIELD OF 7 RAYS for yourself as you feel to protect yourself.

  • Thank You. I put all of these serums in their water. I also send love serum and an Archangel Raziel to to lawyer and judge.

  • @Pollyanna

    Love Serum can be used only if is VK users own legal case . If its for someone else case, Love serum will not work
  • Success!!!!!!!!! NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. The trial is finally over and I used VK on all members of the family and the jury and court room. It was long and scary, but I trusted VK to bring the truth to the verdict. I can't stop crying from the release of the energy VK and I have been putting forth for a long time. I also receive messages from the deceased young man.thanking me fr helping the family and young man on trial. He kept telling me that he was not guilty and to tell his family that he was there to help with there journey. Thank you Golden Sunrise and my three wonderful VK's. GOLDEN SUNRISE TO YOU Rakhi you have helped me s much.

  • @Pollyanna


    Thats amazing. Thank you for sharing the details. I can feel your emotions and happiness as i read all your posts related to this.
  • You have really put efforts to save someone. Thats commendable. Its overwhelming to read you could even connect to the passing soul.

    This post is very inspiring in many ways.

    I thank you for your thanks. Gratitude to @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for amazing VK helping us in difficult court cases and also giving us this platform to get together and help each other and inspire many.

    I noticed one more thing....the case has been through very fast. Is it completed much before the usual time....compared to the proceedings in that country where the trial took place.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and experiences!! Keep sharing and inspire all of us.

    Love you and Hugs to you.
  • The case really had no evidence against the boy. The lawyer said this was the first time that the jury took longer to deliberate that the evidence portions. I also worked on the jury daily and sometimes thru the night making sure they were coming from their highest good. You said that VK would only bring out the truth, so that's how I viewed it.

  • @Pollyanna

    GOLDEN SUNRISE and hats off to your efforts !!

  • @Pollyanna , it is an excellent success story. Great going dear. Have a Golden Sunrise Life Ahead.

  • I asked her to please say a thank you prayer for GOLDEN SUNRISE, SHARAT SIR and VK..s these are the things that helped her get thru this and her som, who now free leaves for college next week.

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