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Can Vk do this?

Just a question due to curiosity
Vk can mimick energy... So can it mimick the energy and effects of something like DMT?


  • @Shiva

    What is DMT....Full form plz

  • It is a substance, that can be produced in our brains through meditation, by making the pineal and pituitary gland resonate.. It gives us a look of the reality that is more real than what we perceive reality to be normally... Its a sacred substance... IT CAN ALSO BE TAKEN FROM SOME PLANTS... FULL FORM--DIMETHYLTRYPTAMINE
  • @Shiva

    It is a controlled drug substance which produces hallucinations. VK should not be used for such illicit use. It is not a sacred substance

    VK will never work for wrong immoral or illicit intentions.

    Sharat Sir teaches us to use VK more in a creative way, more constructive and for positive intentions.

    A BETTER way would be to direct request VK to take you in a meditative mode. Request VK to show you reality.

    You can do meditations from Litairian website and request VK to enhance the effect.

    To perceive reality, one need to connect to inner self , not by use of psychoactive substance , but through natural methods. Allow yourself to connect with your own self with patience.

  • Mam I am not talking about the illegal dmt but the one that our brain produces when we become enlightened
  • @Shiva

    Please read the above comment again. I edited it. It was posted halfway

  • Dear @Shiva,

    Curiosities are results of inclinations. I wonder if your's is really a targeted quarry. If not then what is the fun of going to back streets where lights are dim and chances to skid.

    Just for your updation, as per my understanding, DMT is a forbidden drug and it produces hallucinogenic effects, categorized similar to LSD effects. As you say it is called 'sacred' because, extracted from the plants, this chemical was used to give an "out of the world experience" effect which many god-men still do to deceive common devotees.

    As the divine has endowed all human bodies with all the required chemicals within, some of them are mystical. You are right, that our pineal gland does secrete this chemical which projects vision during a meditative depth. But this situation could well be acquired by requesting VK of a session of meditation.

    In my opinion, VK should not be requested with a banned drug effect.

  • @Shiva

    The DMT level you are mentioning if it is to heal the body in meditative or hypnotic stage. If your intention is good, it may work.

    Finally the meditative stage does healing NOT DMT.......

    I would still suggest to use natural ways of meditation and healing rather than attempting to increase levels of DMT.
    You can do SELF READING meditations

  • I am sorry Rakhi, I intervened.

  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher


    Sir please no sorry .

    I think we were posting simultaneously. i speak more like a Scientist being from that background and you nailed it at the right spot.

    I was reading on google to see .....people are promoting guided meditations and call it DMT level meditations. What a marketing gimmick as if meditations are promoted in so called "SPIRITUAL SHOPS with DMT PACKAGES" and people may fall prey to such with lack of knowledge in the both fields.

    I may sound blunt...but i love to be straightforward if it is to raise awareness.

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