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Vk on a very hot wall

Mam while swimming today, I had kept my vk on a wall... After swimming, I forgot it there and went with friend.... Then I remembered but it was a bit late o came back and found it laying there on the very hot wall due to sun's heat... It might be there for atleast 1.5 hours in heat.... Mam is it still fine... I am a bit confused


  • In very hot sun rays and heat of wall
  • @Shiva

    No problem. You can use it irrespective of any temperature or weather.
    Just a thought....why did you remove VK while swimming. Its advised to wear VK as much as possible. The longer time the better
  • OK mam I won't remove it now... Thanks
  • I was worried about any energy loss due to very hot wall
  • @Shiva

    Every VK is locked by Sharat Sir after he attunes it with Cosmic Energies. No one can remove or de-attune any VK. Even Sir himself cannot de-attune it. The lock is so strong.

    It is unaffected by hot or cold temperature.

    Maybe if VK is put in a furnace and if the bangle melts then the energy may be lost.

    I know a VK user who met an accident , luckily VK saved him. He was riding a bike and some other vehicle hit his hand so badly that VK lost its original round shape and it twisted to take an irregular oval shape.

    Its still working for him....!!
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher Even i was thinking to my mom was keeping vk on hot water vessel.sum i was worried if vk loses energy
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