Need guidance on healing a person with debts and insecure future.

A friend wants healing to be able to pay off all debts and secure the future by being able to save money through FD or mutual funds in order to get a steady income out of it and not be dependent on the children. The friend also wants relationship with the son and his family to improve.
Dear teachers pls suggest appropriate serums that I can give.
Acc to me I could send Total Wealth Serum, Balance serum, Golden Sunrise All clear serum and Shield of seven rays to my friend. Is it correct?


  • @Saibisa

    Yes you can use this combination.

    You can also include ALPHA MALE SERUM (for male) and ALPHA WOMAN SERUM ( for females)

    For improving relationship, use ONE SOUL SERUM. If your friend has VK, he can send LOVE SERUM to his son. LOVE SERUM can be used by VK users to improve their own relationship.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher I have mentioned above all the issued that my friend is going through. As its too long an intention to say,
    1. Could I write the issue down and send the required serums to it?
    2. Is it necessary to write it down as a positive affirmation or is it ok to write it down as it is?
    3. Should I read the affirmation each time before sending the serums?

  • @Saibisa

    When you send TOTAL WEALTH SERUM you can send without any intention to the person and allow it to open doors of prosperity.

    VK and TWS will bring new ways of earning too.

    You dont have to write the issue . Just send energies dear.

    When you write down ..otherwise as a wish....and you can write as a positive statement. Remember VK is an intentional tool and follows all positive clear requests.

    You can write down as a positive statement in your own words thats the best thing.

    If you like affirmation way you can do that too.

    If you want to send energies to the you can write as positive clear words....if its easier this way. Actually you dont have to say aloud big sentences for the can just bring the situation in the mind....that youwant the person to be indepemdent and financially well off.

    Writing or thinking positive helps in many ways...when you keep this positivity the frequency is raised and you connect to the wish. And VK follows your positive thoughts ....
  • Thank you very much :)

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