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mam muje 24hr thoughtless hona hai how can i do pls tel nirvichar samdhi me muje jana hai


  • Woww that is fantastic question rohini ji,
    Now lets be practical
    kindly please answer a few questions.
    Where do thoughts are running?
    What is the process of thoughts?
  • @rohini

    Do you want 24 hrs thoughtlessness or few minutes of thoughtlessness everyday.

    Be clear.
  • 24 hr muje hona hai , muje koi vichar hi nahi chahiye sochne se kuch nahi hoga better b thoughtless
  • thoughts ya tho future me hote hai ya past me esse sirf helath aut dimag karab hota hai milta vilta kuch nahi better kuch na soche jo bi hona hai divine wil decide
    If human is alive then thoughts will be there. Being in awareness will create such possibility.
    VK deva, active to put me into awareness NOW x 3.
  • Typo in previous post.

    Being in awareness will make possibility of thoughts not disturb us.
  • @rohini ji,
    I am still waiting answers from you,
    please check my upper comment.
  • As per my view and knowledge about Thoughtlessness.

    @rohini ji, you can ask VK for this request and experience the calm mind.

    Now what i want to say our life is all about Thoughts, Words and Action this is how karma is divided.
    Before writing here you have a thought and than words to express and action is you ask it.
    In scientific way Thoughts are the functioning of mind and 50-70 thousands in a day what a human have.
    Now what are these thoughts all about
    The senses through which we see,hear,smell.
    The emotions.
    The feelings.
    The relationships.
    The attachments.
    The desires and so on.
    Most probably there is no way out to stop these thoughts.
    MEDITATION can help you to focus at one you can observe your thoughts,
    You can observe the desires.
    You can observe the emotions and feelings.
    By practicing with concentration and observing thoughts you can attain higher states of Meditation.
    Through this you can melt SELF completely and is called that one attain SAMADHI.

    Before i met @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji and being blessed with VK and deep spiritual meanings.
    I was burdened with lots of heavy loads of scriptures, vedas, puranas and lots of study materials through Internet and Social media.
    And please believe me more than one complete year it took me to unload all that scriptured knowledge and to clear illusions of my mind.
    There is so much written about but nobody is said to seen GOD, NIRVANA, SAMADHI....
    Budha is said to be attain that calmness and being that observer to dettach from wordly desires but he never wrote any scriptures, what we read about is stories and fantasies are created by people/followers.
    He said not to follow and people follow him.
    He teaches peoples not to pray Statues and look there are maximum statues of Budha than others.
    So it is being said, written, but the one who had tasted that fruit had no words to express that taste and neither wrote about it.
    The monks of buddhism are in the process and following but nobody had yet reach that State, you can see small kids with monks kept away from world, desires, materials , society, feelings, relationships, but still SAMADHI is a Fiction to them.


    Samadhi, Mukti, Moksha are the beautiful words to read and hear but without practical experience is all wasted.


    The one who is thoughtless,endless,desire less and is same in whole universe, in every particle or atom, in every creature, in me and you, in the creation, and is the Creator is always at SAMADHI.
    Before Birth and after Death the curtain is Empty and Life in between is the movie, the picture.
    BE AN OBSERVER that i learnt through practice.
  • Wow Puneet ji... Well said
  • I got into positive vibes once started reading the post. :3

    True that VK is a real bless to all who have it. :mantap

    I have many successful stories on day to day bases. VK gets me out of situation whenever I feel like stuck in any situation in a day. The success started multi-folding with the good alignment with VK. :sukses

    I named my VK as Deva with which I started feeling high alignment.

  • रोहिणी जी, आपने तो आध्यात्म की चरम इच्छा व्यक्त कर दी है।

    यद्यपि पुनीत जी ने बहुत सुंदर प्रकार से आपको समझाने का प्रयास किया है, तथापि मै अपना मत देना चाहता हूँ। "निर्विचार " (thoughtless) की इच्छा होने से पहले, यह जानना आवश्यक है, कि यह स्थिति है क्या। मेरा अनुमान है कि आप गृहस्त हैं, परन्तु एक निर्विचार प्राणी इस दुनिया का नहीं हो सकता - क्यों ? क्योंकि यदि कोई प्राणी विचार-रहित है, तो संभवतः वह जीवित नहीं है। हमारे पूर्वज, ज्ञानी संत ऋषि-मुनि, जिस समय निर्वाण को प्राप्त हुए, उस समय भी वे निर्विचार नहीं थे - उनके मन में मोक्ष की इच्छा या विचार तो रहा ही होगा न ? फिर निर्विचार हो कर आप कैसे रह सकती हैं ?

    मस्तिष्क है तो विचार भी होंगे - यही विधान है। जैसा कि पुनीत जी ने बताया, हमारे शरीर के विभिन्न कार्य, मस्तिष्क के तरंगादेश से ही संपन्न होते हैं। इनमे सबसे अनिवार्य विचार, साँस लेना, इन्द्रियों का कार्य, दृष्टि, घ्राण शक्ति, स्पर्श आदि हैं। इसीलिए निर्विचार प्राणी संभवतः जीवित नहीं माना जा सकता। आशा करता हूँ , आप मेरा आशय समझ रही होंगी। रही बात आपकी इच्छा की, तो मेरे विचार से आप शरत सर का सबसे विख्यात - "मौन साधना" का अभ्यास करें। VK को हाथों में ले कर उससे शरत सर की मौन साधना की ऊर्जा का अनुरोध करें और आनंद लें निर्विचार स्थिति का। इस अवस्था में वीके, आपके अनिवार्य तरंगो को कार्यान्वित रख कर, आपके भौतिक विचारों को शुन्य कर देगा - यही तो चाहती हैं न आप ?

  • ji sir thanku sare teachers jinhone meri baat per etna soch kar lika thanku all muje javab mil gaya
  • Thankyou for the appreciation Sir.
    I tried to put my views on this beautiful question by rohini ji, and your kind words gave wings to the thoughts.
    Gratitudes Sir :innocent:
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