Charging Serum Using VK

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                Can we charge the water in bottle with cosmic serum using VK in night and use in next day...Why am ask because due to busy hours morning am not getting enough time to charge all bottle for all family members.After coming from office i will get time to charge the serums in night and i can give it in morning to all .


  • @vivek ji,
    Yes Sir you can charge water overnight, there is no time bonding for charging water with VK even charge water can be consumed till it finish for a day,two or in a week.
    Please note if dring one small sip or complete one litre bottle at once it will give you same amount of energy.
    So once a bottle charged can be consumed in two days or more if you are busy in working schedule.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE ......... Thanks Sirrrrr............

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