Serums consumption during fasting month...Ramzan

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I will be fasting for one month from 4:00 am till 7:00 pm daily. Am wondering how I can continue with my serums?
I will be awake for around 4 hours at night after my breakfast.. is this time enough to consume my 4 doses of 3 serums?
is there any alternative way to use my serums during day time without eating or drinking anything?

Another question, I noticed that if I prepared serum in small amount of water it is more effective than preparing the same serum in bottle of one liter or more! last week I prepared my serum in 1.5 liter bottle and consumed it over one week, all symptoms returned again during that week, I prepared the same serum in small cup of water and after taking one sip immediately felt the difference!! is this my imagination or it is true?

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  • @Majida

    In 4 hrs ....4 doses will not be considered as spread thru the day for water

    You can take the energies by direct request when you are fasting.

    Also since you have more than one VK you can use the BOOST method to increase the energy.

    While fasting do take PERFECT HEALTH SERUM it helps
  • @Majida

    Whether you charge a small cup or water tank , the effect is same if the water is charged correctly.

    The number of rotations should be increased with volume of water.

    Imagine that when you prepare Sharbat for one person you will add little Rose Syrup....when you prepare for 8 ppl you would add more Rose Syrup.

    Now though there is no direct correlation but an analogous correlation where your quantity of Rose syrup is similar to number of rotations by VK.

    For upto 2 lit water please rotate slowly atleast 20 times.

    Just a thought...some people when they prepare charged water daily they feel connected to healing.

    Maybe you are charging the water correctly but since you are charging the water only once a week ...its only your feeling that you miss that connection.

    Maybe you can charge 500 ml water daily and you feel.
    It takes only few minutes to charge water.
  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you so much for all answers and guidance.

    The PERFECT HEALTH SERUM, To be consumed alone or I can add to another serum combination?

    Each group of serums is combined of 3 or 4 serums, GS and mantra.If I requested from KV the first group of serums, within this group, should I request all the 4 combination together and keep VK aside for 30 minutes then move to the other group? or I request one by one and keep VK aside for each request then move to the other group?

    Yes I used to prepare my serums daily with 20 rotations, may be it was just the feeling of disconnection.

  • @Majida

    You can club maximum 5 energies related to same healing aspect at a time.

    This applies to all heaings including Perfect Health Serum.

    VK has the ability to send energy for 30 min by auto healing. So yu can place request for next healing aspect after around 30 min.

    When need is more you can send energy every 10 min.

    Please do read the posts on Basics of VK section and hyperlinks to understand in detail.
  • Okay.


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