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Light and Manifestions


How do we get the blessings of Light, how do we become light? I was reading somewhere that every Miracle is coming out of light, All Saints, in the end, becomes light when they leave their body.

All the powers, supernatural powers are coming from light .. what is light, how do we become light. Please guide.

how can VS and VK help in this? @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor



  • Dear @Manmit , Golden Sunrise,

    Yours is a Basic FAQ, what many people have asked from time to time. Books could be written if a learned person write on it. Me ain't one. So let me opine a little whatever I feel about - Light.

    Light is the glacier from which the river of life springs out. It is the source, protector, nurturer, developer, fulfilling and the destiny of life. Always being within, we all come out of it and merge into it. Light is actually the Cosmic Energy which has created the Universe and everything in it - Living or Non-living. An infinitely nano milli-micro part of it has kept You being you and Me being me.

    Do not worry, how to become light as we all one day are going to merge in it. Correction in your statement - Saints have not become Light and left their body, They left their body and merged to become Light. Cosmic Energy is often referred to as Light because it is formless yet omni-present. Probably, our ascended masters and Sages, in their Clairvoyance, have felt this brightness and to explain to commoners, have called it Light.

    It is the same state, which Lord Krishna has manifested to Arjuna in the conclusive canto of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta - Formless, Comprehensive and Infinite.

    Greatness does not come from being big and mighty.......Small begets Big, it comes from our humility and selflessness. With an ambition to gain powers/supernatural powers will only get us Ego. It will not bring us near to the Light. Forget thyself and you are into it.

    Hope I am clear in my opinion.

  • Woww beautiful explanation Sir, all your words comes from divine bliss. :innocent:
    You should write book with your magical thoughts and Wonderful Style, i am a big fan of yours always love your writings Sir.
    You touch the soul Sir please accept my gratitudes :heart:
  • Thanks so much @Puneet, it is overwhelming that I have a fan. But your writings too are on the dot - wonderful and so is your sharp diagnosis. Please accept my appreciations. <3

  • Thankyou thankyou So much Sir :kiss
  • edited April 2018

    Thanks, Sir for the explanation @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher

    so whats the difference between Cosmic Energy and Light.

    What are the different types of cosmic energies are there, how do we get the knowledge of it?

    I am curious to know whenever I see the astha channel and I see the thousands of people listening to all kinds of saints.. all are good .. how they are managing to attract those people which cosmic energies they are using to attract those people?

    what inner transformation they are making in themselves or what are they changing in themselves regardless of outer circumstances that they are bringing so many people to listen to them.

  • @Manmit


    Sanjay Sir has explained about Light in his post.

    Though this post is taken care by Sanjay Sir...wanted to post something.

    About Cosmic energy, please read this beautiful article by Sharat Sir . I hope you will have your answers in this article.

    But just a thought
    .... all proclaimed Saints on Astha channel are not Saints....some have reached and are enjoying life imprisonment , (earlier in Astha channel) .

    So we should not gauge the popularity of so called Saints with number of followers or that they use energies...

    There are many blind people , blind not by eyes but by mind and thoughts who follow them even while they are in prison.

    Some of the proclaimed Saints are also Tantrics.

    Spiritual journey of each soul is different. I was wondering if your question is about inner transformation or on attracting people to listen.

    Because these 2 things are not connected so directly as they seem to.
  • My Question is: what kind of inner transformation is required to create in myself and attract people without resistance, I can take the full responsibility to transform myself regardless of another person behaviour, I also understand that we have Alpha Male Serum also for that. But what are underlying energies working, I read about Light from Dr. Pillai in which he said it is the source of all miracles and manifestation.

    The reason I mentioned those saints was to refer what inner transformation they have brought in themselves that they are attracting thousands, they are a blind follower or not doesn't matter.

    But I want to know more about the energies as well.

    what are the16 cosmic energies out of which 11 cosmic energies are in VK? we can access through VK but what are those energies.

    Again I am not looking for popularity or competition with anyone, I am looking to bring change in myself, I just want to increase my LID and every day become a better version of my self.

    Will wait for some guidance.

    @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

  • @Manmit

    11 cosmic energies in VK are


    These are the names given by Sir.

    ALPHA MALE SERUM works on body mind and soul level. This serum has energies based on Sharat Sirs knowledge of energy and holistic healing past 2 decades.

    You can read the article on litairian website how it works.

    If you take daily you will keep on seeing changes.

    Regarding attracting people it also depends on ones upgradation and skills and talents

    Energies will help you to make you confident and charming. But you will have to design your own ways to attract people. I guess your question is to attract people in network business.

    Upgrade your knowledge by reading more....take Study Serum.

    We have to make ourselves worthy with our work and upgrading our talents to attract people.

    A person can learn to make Biryani from a recipe....but each person makes it taste differently based on his or her own talents.

    Rather than getting into the details of on your own skills.

    I have been coaching students for leadership qualities as a part of my NGO activities

    We make the weakest child in the crowd who gets scared to talk even one is to one to a level where the child comes on the stage to perform beautifully in front of the crowd.

    Oratory skills improve with knowledge and coaching too. Check what skills would help to make you a strong orator. You can even give Beauty Serum to your communication skills . Love serum to your listeners.
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