Hearing Problem

I am using my ear phones frequently during my office commute, while I am traveling to office through bus. Mostly, I listen motivational stuff from Youtube and some favorite mantras like Hanuman Chalisa, Gayatri mantra etc.

But, currently my friends as well as family members notice that I speak louder nowadays. I also feel some problem while listening to others and when others talk to me.

How to use VK and Serums to normalize my hearing? Thank you in advance.


  • @success811

    As you have been using VK for quite sometime, i request you to check Cosmic Serum Section and explore VK possibilities in other articles too related to VK.

    Sir guides us to make VK users to be independent healers, exploring solutions with so much knowledge shared by him on Litairian website.

    You can please post your answers here for your question, we will add more suggestions if required.

    We are all here to help each other not only for VK guidance but also to make all to explore VK independently too.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your efforts to ask questions with learning !!

  • Anyone can post answers to the main question in this post.

    When you post, Please post with some information how each energy or healing would help this situation.

  • Thank you very much, Rakhiji. On refering the site I found ENT Serum added with Golden Sunrise will do the work.

    Anything you love to add?

  • @success811

    Thanks for posting. Yes you are right. You can add BALANCE SERUM and GOLDEN SUNRISE too.

    Charge your earphones with GOLDEN SUNRISE

    You can do VOB of ears
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