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Information..Energy of Divine Power...LOVE Serum to Divine

Plz tell me what is the difference between....
To ask energy of any divine power by vk,
And to send love serum to the same divine power.....plz guide me


  • .. my humble thoughts only..

    The first one (as the words suggest) is "asking" for the energy implicitly.

    The other sentence is an offering , an expression of gratitude to the divine. and since the divine always gives.. he gives HIS blessings back to you, several folds.

    In other words, in the first sentence you will receive as a result of your asking whereas in the other you will receive as an act of Divine Grace. Also when we are asking we will have some specific need (whether consciously or sub consciously) in mind and we are asking for it to be fulfilled whereas in the second what comes to you is aligned to HIS DIVINE Will and will be what you need an may not be what you want!


  • Thanks for the answer
  • @agankur ji, thankyou for sharing your wonderful views on this question by @Ashish786 ji.
    This question is really interesting and is forwarded to @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher ji to get best knowledge and wisdom from Sir's graceful experience.
    Please wait for divinely and spiritual knowledge from sir :love:
  • Oh !! I missed on this post.

    Dear @agankur thanks for your fantastic explanation. You have said it all on the dot.

    @Ashish786, your quarry in literal sense, has already been replied. I will just add a few words. When we pray to the Divine, words and ways become immaterial. It's the 'Bhava' (emotion) what counts. If your Bhava inside is perfect, you may not even say it, and it will be heard. Now, please recall, sometimes you must have prayed to Goddess Lakshmi, for Wealth & Prosperity, and sometimes you have submitted just to have Her blessings, with a view that her blessings includes everything related to Wealth and abundance. The former prayer may be referred a Targeted Affirmation and the latter as Comprehensive/Broad spectrum Affirmation. Same happens, when you ask for energy of a deity with a motive or issue in your mind from VK. The Energy follows your mind to heal/provide solution as per your diagnostics/wish. But when you send Love Serum to the Deity-energy through VK, you trust the intellect of the Energy and in return, it bestows the effects as per your well being. What is additional in this is, sometimes you may not know what is affecting you adversely in fulfilling your wish and you wonder why the results are delayed. When you just send Love serum or surrender to the Divine's intellect, this shortcoming is taken care of.

    Why don't we take an instance, suppose someone is trailing in Monetary situation and the reason for it, let's say, is lack of his confidence to take risks. He keeps on wishing for Money and await a good news but everytime, flight of his wishes, crash-lands. The greater intellect, who is the awareness itself, would heal on the person's confidence and courage first, which the person might not have guessed to diagnose. Reason being, the way of receipt of money here is blocked because of lack of confidence. Money follows automatically. One should be observant on such twists.

    Of course the above is my opinion in addition to dear @agankur's post.
  • @Sanjay Roy-Certified VK Teacher I have always wondered about this situation, that if whatever I am asking/wishing for is the right thing for me. As many time what we experience is just the symptoms but root cause is something else. And by asking we just remove/reduce the symptoms but the main problem never goes...

    So I wanted to ask, what would be the best way of healing an individual in wholistic manner.

    Like only chanting Golden sunrise or Sending Love Serum/Gratitude to Universe...can you suggest any other ways to get divine blessings overall.

  • Dear @anuk187,

    In all holistic approach, the process is Prayer, Mudra(holy sign) or Invoking the Energy. So it is the healer's humble submission which is executed by the Divine. Divine is merciful and co-operative too. Whenever, we request it to materialize our diagnostics, it says "Tathastu", I mean it relents likewise.

    Our VK is a superior tool in our hand which primarily operates on our thoughts. It is its connection with our mind, that we are able to do distant healing with much ease. What we actually lack is in our submission. It is a general phenomenon that we think that we know the problem/disease/situation perfectly and our diagnosis is absolute. But cases may vary. All the solutions possible with VK are both - broad-spectrum and specific. Difference lies in the deliverance. While there are specific Affirmations available to summon, there are Serums, which heals categorically ie. picking on the symptom, it heals all allied reasons causing the ailment. Alternatively, the most basic technique is to say it in simple quote or just request "what-so-ever be the problem, kindly heal and cure". But it is my belief and suggestion that while healing a person/situation, while holding VK in our hand, we should be aligned to the navigator of VK through your mind and see the best results that is delivered.

    Try and share

  • Thanks sir, I got the exact answer I was looking for and more. You explained so well...from a specific request to more generic.. It really gave me the clarity I was looking for. Thanks again :)

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