My dad just wearing vk

My dad is just wearing vk I gave him so that his body be aligned with vk energies but he takes a lot of stress n even scolds ppl every time n always in a frustrated mood now as it is his vk how can I tell his vk to give him serums plz guide me


  • @Yuvika

    Only a person who holds VK or wears VK or last touches VK can request energies from that VK.

    VK will not follow other persons.

    You can send him relevant serums.

    Also Sir guides to do mental healing for at least 3 to 6 months with patience.

    So please allow the energies to work for him with patience.

    As a daughter you can support him compassionately.

    Also identify the cause of his state and send energy to those areas in his life.

    In all cases do all healings patiently.

    When he is wearing VK , it will still send him energies and follow his clear positive intentions.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!
  • Hello Rakhi ji ,
    I want to remove all cockroaches, insect's from my home. Is there any way to do it.
  • @NG84

    You can use ALL CLEAR SERUM or use energy of a pesticide for cockroach. If you do with peaticide energy please do with intention of safety and security.

    Also request VK to help you to clear the clutter at your place.
  • Thank you Rakhi ji.. I charge water with ACS and spread everywhere in room.. now I can see results.. I can see few cockroaches in room.. thank you. I will add peasticide energy and update u..
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