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VK in Reiki Attunement session

GOLDEN SUNRISE respected teachers,

I will receive Reiki 1 attunement next week.
Would like to know how to use the help of VK during my attunement?
The attunement will be through web cam .



  • @Majida ji,
    When you are a vk user you do not require Reiki attunment you can use VK for self/others for any Reiki healing session.

    With VK you can directly use any Reiki symbols/master symbol without any other attunement. VK can mimic any Reiki healing therepy and symbols energy in simple request, you can charge water with reiki session or symbols also with VK.

    If you do then it need Reiki 1,2,3 then masters, advanced, grand masters levels in a single type of Rieki. There are more than 100 types of Reiki therepies and then levels.
    Guess how many money and time you will spend to do that.
    I feel you misses to read about @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji, he is master of the masters and after learning and practicing more than 55 Reiki and healings for more than 20 years of experiences and practices VK is attuned by Divine Blessings on them.
  • VK is a cosmic healing tool and cosmic energy is much higher divine energy than Reiki energy.

    You can also read why Sharat sir invented VK in the link below

    Please feel free to read articles on our website
    You can also read pdf manual if you have with VK.
  • @Majida ji,
    If you still feel to learn reiki levels than you can request VK PLEASE ENHANCE THE EFFECTS OF THE RIEKI ATTUNEMENT × 3 times
    For me with safety and security.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE @Puneet-Certified VK Teacher

    Thank you so much for your reply and valuable links. I have gone through all of them, I appreciate it.
    I know Vk is a very powerful divine tool and can mimic any healing modality. I have so many experiences with my VK for one week now. Just today I requested another one to use as pendant and am in the process to get VS for my family home as well.

    I have no doubt in the power of the inventions of @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor and I appreciate his efforts so much, am very lucky and blessed to have two VK in my life.

    Am studying Reiki levels to practice as profession, I love it and I want it as a replacement for my current Job. Am changing my line in life. will go to study art and work as Reiki healer at the same time.
    This is the reason am studying Reiki levels and receiving my first attunement next week.

    Thank you so much,
    Golden Sunrise

  • @Majida

    Great thought got the clarity on what you can do....

    Congratulations for another VK and thought to get VS. Request VK GOLDEN SUNRISE TO MAKE WAY FOR VS AT YOUR HOME NOW

    You can send pure energies of Reiki through VK without getting affected. You can also practise VK with other healing modalities.

    You can combine Cosmic Serums too for your clients !!

    There are many Reiki healers who practise VK healing for clients with Reiki through VK and even other healing modalities and have shared amazing results.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to your new career and efforts !!

  • edited April 2018

    GOLDEN SUNRISE @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher

    My VK(Michelle) have helped me in this step and will be with me all the way to my new life :)

    Yesss! my baby VK will arrive in one week. Her name is Nina :)

    Thank you so much for this guidance on using the help of VK to get VS. Customs in my country is very tight and the courier will not be able to deliver VS to my home. @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor is so helpful and have given me nice solution and I will follow it . I will receive VS here in KSA and take it with me to my country. Am also thinking how I can pass the customs with it !! I will Request like this ( Michelle GOLDEN SUNRISE, MAKE WAY FOR VS AT MY HOME NOW). Thank you for this suggestion, it came in the right time.

    Yes! VK(Michelle and Nina) will help me to pass pure Reiki energies to my clients :)
    Cosmic serums for my clients! Brilliant idea :)

    Nowadays am concentrating on my own healing with KV, comic serums and cosmic codes videos. Also continue learning about VK here in the forum and the website.

    Next step I will look at the experiences of Reiki healers with VK. I will mark it in my notebook.

    Thank you so much @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher , am benefiting so much from your knowledge and generosity in delivering the information. God bless you.


  • @Majida

    Thank you for your thanks and thank you for the blessings.

    Nice names for VK Michelle and NINA.

    Give LOVE SERUM to Custom authorities. =)

    Hope to hear your healing progress too !!

    Stay Blessed. GOLDEN SUNRISE !!

  • Thank you for how to request VK for VS GOLDEN SUNRISE to all
  • Just got to ask if any person wants to get reiki through VK for any organs or nervous system, What's the fastest and simplest form to get the same? Also can I use the Reiki healing through water charged?
  • @pvandana ji,
    You can simply request VK PLEASE MAKE WAYS FOR ME TO HAVE VS NOW.
  • @Shrinath sir,
    I guess you know about different forms of Reiki and symbols with thier uses.

    For MY full body/ nervous system/ any organ.
    (With safety and security).

    You can also charge water with Reiki Healing or symbols.
  • @Shrinath sir,
    You can also use VK for Reiki psychic surgery for any organ or affected area in direct request.
    :star: Please note psychic surgery can not be charged in water.
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