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VK TIP 44 : Marathon healing with GOLDEN SUNRISE

If you feel you are STUCK in your life and feel helpless.
You feel there is a constant STRUGGLE in one area of life.

What can be done Powerfully with VK??
GOLDEN SUNRISE gives a new hope, opens new doors of opportunities, removes obstacles.

:3 You can run a MARATHON healing with VK using GOLDEN SUNRISE.
Create more energy for your life with VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE.

Imagine the situation in your life that needs immediate attention and put an intention to VK that you want to change it into a good working situation.

Do not think of obstacles in current situation, just think of the happy situation that you want in your life.

Hold VK in your hand and start chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE continuously. Do this for long time may be even for few hours depending upon the case and your willingness to help yourself.
Do take short breaks . The more continuous….. the better.

You can also do it while working and VK on your wrist.

You can continue this next day as much as you can even while you work. ….

:3 You can just wear VK while chanting and request healing the situation with chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE as much as you can…… maybe more than 1000 times a day.

But remember ……Please do this WITHOUT COUNTING THE CHANTS .

If you have many such situations just intend for a happy happy happy life NOW FOREVER and do this.

B) Example of situations :

If there is illness, intention should be healthy life NOW FOREVER.
If you want a job, intention should be Best Deserving job NOW.
If you are in business, intention should be FLUORISHING BUSINESS NOW.
To improve relationships, intention can be LOVING and PEACEFUL relationship NOW FOREVER.

<3 Better to do healing for one aspect as a time, however if there are many issues, best way would be to keep intention JOYFUL LIFE NOW FOREVER. VK will decide WHAT IS BEST for you and give you solutions in the form of signals, opportunities and some surprising changes.

To know about What is GOLDEN SUNRISE , read this article by Sharat Sir

To know importance of GOLDEN SUNRISE Chanting
, do read this article by @PJ-Certified VK Teacher

B) Remember its your own life, And you need to take charge of your own situations. VK is there for you. Actions would be yours !!

This is an amazing experience. You will BREAK many or all BARRIERS and come out with FLYING COLORS.
Many VK users have done this successfully. Now its your turn.

You can do it for others too with an intention to change their situation to good!!

Do share your experiences with VK Tips to inspire all of us.
GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts !!

Thank you Sharat Sir for gift of VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE in our lives !!


  • Lovely sharing...thankyou thankyou so much didi.
  • Thanks a lot @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher di.This wonderful tip has proven a boon in my life....
    Thanks @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor for your selfless efforts for the betterment of humanity
  • Thank you!!!!! <3

  • Thanxxxxx a lot didi..... Golden Sunrise to your kindness of sharing.

  • Thanks a lot for this wonderful tip. When i wear VK and requesting with the intention for healing a particular issue and start GOLDEN SUNRISE marathon , and while chanting if other thoughts arises will the healing shift or will VK be focusing on the intended healing of the particular issue? I'm asking this because I read that when we request VK for a healing and if we kept on wearing it may shift the healing to the thoughts we have as VK is an intentional tool. Please clarify. Thanks
  • @Mona

    When you focus chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE to particular issue along with VK, VK will start sending energy to that situation.

    It may happen that you may have energy directed for required results.
    But if you change focus VK will listen to next clear thoughts.

    If your energy need is high, choose how much you focus on one healing. This happens with inner guidance.

    Even if you have wandering thoughts, you may bring back your attention to the healing where you want to priotise.

    Also read VK BASIC POST 14 and 17 on forum for more understanding
  • Thanks @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher . Then can I do GOLDEN SUNRISE marathon after placing request and keeping VK aside? Or is it mandatory to wear VK during GOLDEN SUNRISE MARATHON?
  • @Mona

    Follow the procedure described in the post for marathon healing. If you keep VK aside then you are simply sending energy with one time request

  • Ok . Got it thank you
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