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Effect of Energy of liposuction Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss in Bulk...VK experience by Shirish

edited January 2019 in VK SUCCESS STORIES
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  • Golden Sunrise all Divine Souls
    Today I am sharing VK Success story,for loosing weight by mimicking nation famous surgery effect.
    One of my friend who has 107 kg weight asked me for reiki to loose weight,instead of that I decided to take advantage for VK.
    So I started sending energy through water as well as Direct also.
    I was giving Golden Sunrise×3,ACS×3,with safety and security,FDS×3,Digee serum×3, and effect of energy of Liposuction Bariatrics surgery by Dr Mohit Bhandari,for weight loss in bulk.
    In both ways direct and in water charged.
    Yesterday he informed after one and half month,Reduction of 10 kg weight,right now I have stopped direct request for 15 days as weight loosing process start after once again start with both method so as the person should not get any weakness,strength.
    Golden Sunrise to Shakat sir for this wonderful life changing tool and all VKTeachers,VK users .
  • @Shirish ji

    Wow experience with VK.

    You can continue with both water and direct request way.

    Only the liposuction mimicking to be done with intention of safety and security.

    Thank you for sharing.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and sharing.

    Gratitude to Sharat Sir for VK and wonderful experiences with VK
  • This sounds very inspiring. Thank you Shirish for Sharing. Thank you Sharat Sir .
  • Thanks for sharing, it's inspiring
    Thankyou Sharat Sir for giving us VK
  • This is really great experience...golden sunrise
  • Wow that’s incredible ????
  • What an experience.....its incredible!!!
  • Great experience with vibbes kada, thanks for sharing with us.
  • Hi ... wonderful...what is ACS.
  • Wow Superb mimic experience.

  • It has been sometime I wanted take suggestion about liposuction mimicking... And here I got an answer. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to VK and VK family
  • @SharatSir
    This is an excellent testimonial for the blessings you share.

    My salutations brother.
  • Golden Sunrise sharing encourages others to experiment with VK
  • Thanks for inspiring us all
  • truly inspiring ....

  • That's amazing... Thanks for sharing .....
  • Very Inspiring...thanks for sharing
  • Thanks really amazing to know . Thanks for sharing. Gratitude to Sharat Sir .
  • Sir why doesn’t it work when I use tbe mimicking effect...I tried doing liver cleanse which I wanted to do for real for my allergies through VK but I didn’t pass green stones...I spoke to Suchitta also regarding this..she said it might take some time so do it continuously for few days..I did it for 12 days but nothing...VK helps a lot in other things but when I want to see things for real and like I did psychic surgery for my uterine Fibroids for 3 months but they are still there in Sonography
    What am I doing wrong
  • @Nits


    Before i answer your questions...please answer some questions

    Is passing green stones after liver cleansing is the only way to see the effect with or without VK.

    Are all allergies related only because of liver functioning? This is a general question not to only your case

    What is the size of fibroids before and after Psychic surgery.

    How did you do Psychic surgery using VK

    Is appearance of fibroids in sonography . inference to bad health.

    Do you have any symptoms which disturb you because of presence of fibroids

    Please answer all questions....this will help us to help you more.

    Also share your experiences on forum where VK helped you a separare posts in VK success stories. This will inspire all of us
  • Tqvm do happy to hear of success uding VK. Inspired me 2b creative
  • Thank you so much for sharing.
  • Thank you Rakhiji Golden Sunrise ????
  • Thanks for sharing, very Inspiring!
  • Congratulations. VK is amazing.
  • ...always's endless...I Love It =) <3 =)
    Very Inspiring...Many Thanks For Sharing <3 <3 <3

  • Amazing ... great learning and info for all VK users. i would like to know for how long the mimicking effect of Bariatrics surgery was given ? was it for 15 days continuous?

  • @manisha ji
    This VK healing time is shared by @Shirish ji above in the main post please go through again
    You can try and experience as per seeing results or your inner guidance.
    Do experiments and share your VK experiences with us.
    Please intent with Safety and Security.
  • What an amazing and innovative way of mimicking. Thank you for sharing. Thank you Sharat Sir for giving us VK. We are truly blessed.

  • @Rakhi-Certified VK Teacher
    Golden sunrise Mam
    Passing green stones lets you know that liver has gone through cleansing as all who have done it report the same thing as well as Barinder ji who performed liver cleanse through VK also reported the same
    I’ve been advised to do liver cleanse as I suffer from severe unknown allergy (once leading to anaphylactic reaction)for which I have to take life saving steroid injections..Indeed have to carry it with me at all times...

    I did psychic surgery of my Fibroids by rotating VK on my uterus and said Psychic surgery of the Fibroids in my uterus 3 times
    I also did All clear serum and perfect health serum in water and direct..I also did VOB of my uterus
    I have 4 Fibroids of 4 to 8 cms
    They cause certain problems like constipation;frequent micturation; bloated stomach;painful periods etc.Doctors want me to get them removed surgically as according to them any tumour in body should be removed but I’m refraining
  • About VK helping My daughter and ME...There are so many things..don’t know where to start
    # shield of seven rays and the confidence that every thing’s going to be alright
    # VK helping with traffic
    # Blessing the restaurant food with more infections or indigestion
    #VK helping my daughter in studies
    # During our vacations we requested VK to make days longer so that we can enjoy to the fullest and bingo We felt we had gone for a month instead of 15 days
    And so many things which seem vain but when they happen give you immense joy
  • Also about how I helped orhers through VK :-
    My friends mom had lost her brothers son who she was very close to suddenly.He committed suicide leading to severe anxiety for her. She stopped eating and talking and had to be admitted in ICU.Sharat Sir suggested “Rescue remedy “which I gave her through EC and through direct request to VK and she improved a lot
    This was my first time healing given to someone other than family.
    Thank you VK and Sharat sir????
  • @Nits


    Thanks for sharing your experiences with VK. Keep sharing. Helping others through VK is a different feeling altogether.

  • @Nits

    Answering to your questions on mimicking. Here i suggest rather than looking at the ways of effect , keep intention on good health....thats the final desire.

    :smile: In case of liver cleansing, not everyone will have flushing in form of stones. Human body is amazing, it has its own ways to remove unwanted. When we help our body with healing, it will also take a suitable course for recovery.

    I myself mimicked the Liver cleansing by Dr Piyush Saxena, as shared by @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher , i did not observe any stones, but i felt a lightness in the body.

    I heard from other VK users also on personal chat, they felt a difference but didn't see stones.

    So HOW of healing can be ignored as each human body is different in its working. Focus can be on health, especially with VK.

    :smile: Regarding allergy, you can use ALL CLEAR SERUM and BALANCE SERUM and club it with DIGEE SERUM , if you know its related to liver.

    If there are certain items say foods , or things triggering allergy , you can request VK NEGATE THE EFFECT OF THE ALLERGENS (SPECIFY if you know) in Food(specify).

    Check this VK tip 58

    :smile: When you use ALL CLEAR SERUM, keep the intention to VK to give this energy to your body and mind wherever there is a need.

    Allergy and fibriods , these 2 areas are known to you....there might be other areas which require ACS. I think as of now you did for fibroid unknowingly in intention.

    Allergy is a symptom which can be related to many factors not only liver, even some negative emotions trigger severe allergies.

    :smile: Must read this experience and guidance by @Chetandurdi if you feel lost with VK healing anytime

    :smile: For Fibroids, I am not clear what exactly you have done with Psychic Surgery.

    This is your method.....from your post

    "I did psychic surgery of my Fibroids by rotating VK on my uterus and said Psychic surgery of the Fibroids in my uterus 3 times"

    Rotation how long or what did you exacting do with VK??

    I want to write more on this topic for you....but will wait for your answer on Psychic surgery question

  • @Nits , Even I mimicked the Liver Cleansing by Dr. Piyush Saxena, & there were no stones flushing next day. And I was feeling positive vibes with my body next day.

    Then in the same Weekend, I did the actual cleansing. There were some stones I saw next day. But I was feeling very tired for the whole day along with light headache for the whole day.

    My suggestion is to try the mimicking of process with VK and look for the final effect not the intermediate results. Its very safe & you can enjoy the day as normal.

  • Wow! @Shirish That's amazing.. Yes VK is really a wonderful tool.. We are all so blessed to have it.. Thanks to sharat sir.. . Indeed very inspiring experience for everyone of us!!
  • Wonderful experience. Do we need to mention the name of the doctor also?
  • @Rajeshwari_Sethi


    If you wish to mimick that particular doctor's skill or method of doing liposuction, then you mention that in VK request
  • so this is the best serums we can use to reduce weight and any other precautions to be takes

  • Golden Sundar,yes that why it is known for bill weight loss
  • Golden Sunrise
    I have stated working on another weight loss .
    Requesting VK prabhu to activate" energy of 7%body fat maintanance",which generally required for Long Distance Runner,or Athlete.
  • so this is the best serums we can use to reduce weight and any other precautions to be takes

  • Golden Sunrise,lunawat1123
    Intention with safety and security keeps it well tune
  • @Shirish ji

    Just for information...for Cosmic Serums by Sharat Sir ....they are safe... so intention of safety and security is not required for Cosmic Serums.

    When we mimick other healing modalities like liposuction....we can keep intention with safety and security with VK
  • Hello Rakhi ji,

    Well it all started with looking for a source strongly enhancing my will to loose weight ... while browsing many options i came across your page which spoke about VK nd serums nd how it can positively work on weight loss also with not much physical efforts... so i ordered the VK nd started off with my new journey of weight loss...

    I started having serum energised water 3 to 5 times a day,had a bottle kept aside for this ...
    Flab down serum for my weight loss
    All clear serum as i did hve a few doubts initially if it will work or no.
    Beauty serum for my overall physical body.

    But its now 3 months nd nothing much has altered, i do feel better energetically, but on scale am still the same..

    Though for many instances its worked brilliantly but not for weight...Can you pls help me understand where am going wrong??
    Thank You!!!
  • i also use for my wife fds alc ds phs and gs but weight has gone up

  • @Kaajal23

    What was your weight 3 months back and what is it now ?
  • Hello Rakhi ji...
    85 kgs earlier nd even now 85 kgs...
    Just around the time i got my VK i also did a series of tests to chk if anything is up physically, but all reports were normal...
  • @Kaajal23

    When you do weight healing, please do with patience. Anxiety creates delay. This is my observation with any healing.

    Personally i feel we should intend for normal health normal weight and desired body shape

    The intention matters.

    Also an important part of these healings with Cosmic Serums is that it acts on mind. So there would be signals to us. One needs to follow them. Like i know some VK users came across some exercise sessions , Gym discounts, and they went for it Some realised that junk foods are not good so they reduced it and changed diet pattern and observed changes
    All this was ALREADY KNOWN TO THEM , but use of Cosmic serums MOTIVATED THEM to follow.
    Some realised its due to hormonal changes especially in females nearing to menopause. So they started more doses with FEM SERUM.

    These are just some examples which i noticed with VK users. And i also know some who did not want to follow any signals and kept saying that they are not able to correct weight. They continued with high fat diet thinking that if they are using Cosmic serums why they should change diet inspite of getting signals.. Using VK and Cosmic Serums needs actions also. These are healthy actions for healthy life, which are received as signals with healing.

    Energy does wonders on body and mind but we need to act also.

    You can even try mimicking energy mentioned in this main post. There is a post by @Barinder - Supportive VK Teacher on her experience with VK and mimicking for weight healing. Check that post and add energies as you feel to use.

    I would also see like this that if the weight has not increased further, it is also a good sign

    And your reports are also normal. Thats a good news.

    Check your mental strength, are you worrying or disturbed due to something in your life. If yes, energise that part, maybe it will also help.

    GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts and actions !!
  • Oh Thank you for further clarification...
    As you say signs, i wilfully decided to stop all fried food nd sweets frim December!!! Yeah nd only yesterday i did think of joining the gym... so am on that page i guess now...
    Yes weight has not increased surely and i will look into the suggested post aswell..

    Thank you so so much, i am more determined to loose my excess weight and stay healthy with the desired body shape...

    GOLDEN SUNRISE all the way!!!
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