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17. What to do after Placing a Direct Request to VK, wait for around 30 min

:) Immediately after you place the request, you can either keep wearing it or place the VK aside on a table or safe place.

:) If you still keep wearing it after the request is placed and think about something else, VK may switch to your next intention. (Remember VK is an intentional tool).

:) When it is an important request, it is recommended to place VK aside immediately after the request, to send continuous uninterrupted requested energy.

So do you get this question…?

Que. When I directly request VK for energizing my wish, why should I keep it aside for at least 5 min or up to 30 min? Can I wear it immediately instead of keeping it aside?

Ans. VK is an intentional tool. While we wear it follows our thought which is clear. If we wish to do any specific healing. After requesting if we still wear it and if our thoughts go on some other aspect of life VK will leave that first request and follow the next one. So VK starts taking next next thoughts.

Suppose u requested for Perfect Health Serum. Then while still wearing it after 10 min in your mind you think that your children should score well in semesters. Then after 5 min, you think you should have a perfect body weight.

So the first request of perfect health serum...The energy sent was only for 10 min. Then 5 min for children and then after 5 min for body weight.

So if we keep aside VK for 30 min. VK concentrates on that healing. Because it cannot follow our continuous changing thought –

:) After requesting VK, wait for 30 min, as VK is designed to send requested energy for 30 min as auto-healing. Read this article on 30 min concept.

:) If there is an emergency, the same request can be repeated every 5 to 15 min until you get desired results.

Example: If someone has the fever, you can increase the dosing frequency by requesting for D-Fev Serum every 5 to 15 min for that person. This is to speed up recovery as the demand for energy is more.

:) If there is an emergency, you need not wait for 30 min for the 1st request already placed for some other healing. You can place the next required request immediately. VK will switch the sending energy to next wish.

Example: if you have requested TOTAL WEALTH SERUM for yourself or someone else and 10 min have passed.
And after 10 min, you come to know someone else is in pain. If you want to help the person with pain, using your VK, you can quickly request GOLDEN SUNRISE and PAIN CARE SERUM for that person.

The requested energy of TOTAL WEALTH SERUM for yourself will now switch and VK will work on a new request for pain for that person. But it is worth it…because your priority changed to help someone in pain first…so follow it.


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    The applications of sending energies by directly placing a request to VK is very vast. As VK is an intentional tool, you can put many intentions and request so many things that you wish in your own language. Set your own priorities.

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