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7. How to Communicate, Connect & Place a Request to VK (Four Methods)

There are total four different ways to COMMUNICATE with VK. These four Ways are:

  1. You can either request in your mind silently or you can say the words softly or loudly as you speak to your friend.
  2. While requesting, you can either hold VK in one hand or between two palms. You can also touch VK with your left hand’s fingers if you are wearing VK in your right wrist. You can also touch VK with either hand if you are wearing VK in the neck as a pendant.
  3. When you are doing some work and if your both hands are occupied e.g. driving or cooking or traveling etc., you can JUST LOOK at your VK and request. VK is listening to you.
  4. When you are in a meeting or in a group where you cannot touch or cannot look at VK or even otherwise, just mentally connect with VK and simply place a request in your mind calling to VK. You will always get connected with intention because VK is on your wrist or in a neck chain or in your pocket and its listening to you.


  • edited June 2018

    Please Remember: VK is Your Friend. Call Him 24X7 Without Hesitation.

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