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Feeling Energies through VIBBES SEEDER

Congratulations @Sharat Sir-VK Inventor ji for new invention of VS to protect our home and other premises automatically 24×7.
Thankyou Sir for starting this new VS category in Litairian forum.
Sharing one of my recent experience with VS,
Although VS article on website gives all the detail explanation about VS its properties and uses.
I keep on watching VS sometimes as it feels good, today i tried to explore VS energies if i can feel sensation.
I hold VS in front of me then place my hand over VS (at a gap of 5-6inches). I keep on rotating my hands slowly and feel huge sensation on my palm.
Nearly 2 minutes of rotations i feel huge energy between my palm and VS.
I feel like there is any energy ball touching my palm i try to push my palm towards the VS and now feel more force.
This is really amazing feeling, i am sharing this experience if other VS users can also feel Energies from VS.
This is just a start of journey and surely there will be more exciting experiences and experiment will happen with all VS users.
Keep experiencing and sharing.
:thankyou Sir


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