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VK TIP 38 : Speed up Pending Court Cases , Litigation matters

Long Pending Cases in Courts, Can VK help ??

Yes it's possible with VK.

:3 Use ONE SOUL SERUM for both the parties. Write in the circle name of both parties and people who are closely connected or influencing the case.
Hold VK and say
ONE SOUL SERUM x 3 and keep VK on the circle for around 30 mins.

:3 CALM DOWN SERUM can be given to people who are strict or adamant.

:3 Use ALL CLEAR SERUM to the situation and to the Court Case with VK to speed up court cases.

Just hold VK and keep in intention the court case and situation.
Request VK please send ALL CLEAR SERUM to the case/situation. Say this 3 times in one go and keep VK aside for 30 min.

:3 If the case relates to an asset or property, you can send GOLDEN SUNRISE , TOTAL WEALTH SERUM and SHIELD OF 7 RAYS to the asset/property/documents.

:3 Add GOLDEN SUNRISE for an enhanced effect in all healings and to all court procedures.

Decide the healing frequency depending on the need of situation.

Additional Tip :
When you request energy for court cases with VK, keep the intention that the outcome should be in highest good of both the parties in case.
Also Keep the intention that there should be peaceful resolution/settlement between both parties NOW and FOREVER.

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